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Under the doctrine, a court is permitted to alter the trust's terms in a manner that comes as close as possible to achieving the intention of the party that created it, while avoiding impossibility, impracticability or illegality.
Bus transport in this case is used as a substitute for train services operated by the Customer during the impracticability of the railway infrastructure, or technological reasons on the part of the customer.
The total impracticability of the proposal quickly killed it--icebergs have a pesky habit of rolling over as they melt.
22) Accordingly, the FCC's invocation of impracticability as good
En la primera, con apoyo en distintas fuentes normativas y decisiones judiciales, se desarrollaran los conceptos de frustration of purpose, de commercial impracticability y de fuerza mayor.
An argument against this implication is the impracticability objection: that it would be politically messy in terms of government and costly in terms of application, to provide self-governmental and territorial rights to all the national minorities on the island.
An agreement demanding the distrustless, methodical, and physical inspection of every individual would not long last, chiefly because of the impracticability of such an agreement and the indignation it would bring about among citizens.
discrete transactions, different contexts of contracts, the norms of contracts, the practical use of relational theory, the economic functions of contract and contract law, the design of default rules, regulation, standard form contracts, contract interpretation, economic theories of legal remedies, debates on efficient breach, liquidated damages and penalty clauses, impossibility and impracticability, and the behavioral approach to contract law.
The inconceivability of such a policy is a mark not of any impracticability, but of the capture of governments by a financial oligarchy.
Due to impracticability of ground based methods, satellite RS based imageries were considered better option for assessment of deforested areas.
As a note of caution, to the extent that the Declaration and the writ of execution are enforced and the obligor fails to perform the specific action, or raises an affirmative defence, the underlying obligation may still nevertheless be substituted with compensation at the discretion of the judge, particularly where it is determined by the judiciary that impossibility, impracticability, or contravention of public policy play, a prevalent factor.
The provision in the draft cited the impracticability of implementing court decisions to reverse privatization deals and as such justified the failure to enforce court rulings.
18) One possible fulfillment is to show the impracticability of
This Article concludes that, despite serious and uncertain costs and the impracticability of issuing asylum visas in some countries, this practice would likely create substantial benefits.