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part XVI of opinion) (finding that impracticability of negotiation
Part IV describes the asylum visa in general terms and considers the costs and benefits of this potential reform, noting its limitations and impracticability in some instances, but concluding that the idea of an asylum visa warrants further study.
Analytic indication of the impracticability of incapacitating an attacking shark by exposure to waterborne drugs.
293) The defense of mutual mistake prevents contract enforcement in certain situations where the contracting parties lacked the information necessary to rationally assess the benefits of entering into the contract, whereas impracticability denies enforcement in certain situations where a contracting party has made an inaccurate calculation of the costs of performing as promised.
Ambedkar had proposed an organized exchange of population, on terns agreed to in advance but he underestimated the enormity and impracticability of the undertaking.
No problem with the swearing or the oaths, but I'd be surprised if he knows the difference between impartiality and impracticability.
We observe and hope that these provisions would be amended at the earliest by the legislature to avoid any ambiguity or impracticability and to make it in consonance with the constitutional mandates," said the apex court bench.
The speaker also mentioned the shortcomings and impracticability of government-led initiatives while fighting disasters and he called upon the private sector to explore the possibility of introducing innovative but practicable methods to overcome them in shortest possible time.
To his mother-in-law it is a foolish idea, as she ironically conveys the impracticability of sharing himself with a horse and a wife.
34) Relaxation of the impracticability standard by courts in the wake of 9/11 explains the dramatic increase in the use of the statute for investigative detentions.
To make his case, Marion targets two possible rejections of incomprehensibility: (1) "its noetic impracticability," i.
Other approaches, such as Trndeau's Third Option that sought cooperation with the global South, are mentioned only to emphasize their naivete or impracticability.
75) In order to increase efficiency and avoid any impracticability, tax relief within the tax-free bubble applied to both residents and non-residents.
Alvarez de Novoa's use of narrative brought an end to the cliched idea regarding the impracticability of Galician for dealing with certain topics, thereby obliging an implicit redefinition of what Alfredo Branas called "regional character" confronting a large part of the Galician intelligentsia with many of their contradictory ideas.
requiring impracticability both of obtaining consent and of conducting