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Synonyms for impound

Synonyms for impound

take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority

place or shut up in a pound

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Then they have the $97 impound fee and a $93 release fee,'' said Wolf's driver Bobby Huggins as he paused to complete paperwork.
Los Angeles police officers say the ability to impound vehicles is a useful tool for law enforcement.
Felines held at county facilities are down 10 percent compared to last year, and the city reports cat impounds off by 12 percent, down to 24,000 in 1998.
Animal control officials say the decline in cat impounds alone argues in favor of enacting an even stiffer sterilization law.
Newman said San Francisco and Sacramento both have ordinances that say officers ``shall'' pick up strays and ``shall'' keep records on all impounds.
Kunz agreed with Katz that the impounds make a difference.
Most of the tracks will be implementing an impound procedure after qualifying, prohibiting teams from working and making adjustments on cars before the race.