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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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We selected 20 run-of-river impoundments in the Lule, Skellefte, Ume, and [dot{A}]ngerman Rivers in northern Sweden for study, Their main channels are regulated for hydropower by 9 to 16 dams in each river, and mean annual discharge ranges between 155 and 500 m3/s.
Comparisons of fish collections made from the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River before and after impoundment of Lake Alan Henry show that the stream fish assemblage upstream from the lake has changed dramatically.
The southernmost impoundments are also closer to the springs that provide their water.
Some scientists and regulatory agency personnel have expressed concern about the potential negative effects of impoundments on wildlife populations due to habitat loss or alteration.
The state reviews cash flow forecasts monthly and provides for the accelerated set-aside of general revenues if funds are insufficient to cover impoundments.
Extended BAC restrictions for young drivers, vehicle impoundments, and the other measures coming into effect will help to reduce impaired driving, and will save lives and prevent injuries.
Restrictions on the location of new surface impoundments and landfills so that they cannot be built in sensitive areas such as wetlands and earthquake zones;
The federal requirement will close surface impoundments and landfills that fail to meet engineering and structural standards.
The site was placed on the federal Superfund list in 1983 after hazardous chemicals were found in the impoundments, soil and ground water.
Since May 2009, the EPA has been conducting on-site assessments of coal ash impoundments and ponds at electric utilities and generating reports on their structural integrity for the utilities.
About this same time, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge was mandated to connect the impoundments with the Lagoon's waters.
And, Miller says, tailings impoundments often leak or fail completely.
Scheduled state impoundments provide for full debt service by May 31, 2011, 16 days prior to the note payment date.
the repair and/or removal of dams, levees, seawalls, and other forms of inland and coastal structures as defined by: category 1 - dams and similar regulated and unregulated impoundments category 2 - seawalls, coastal flood and/or foreshore protection category 3 - inland flood control structures and levees, excluding dams and non-jurisdictional impoundments.
MXP is seeking to use its technology to transform energy trapped in otherwise wasted natural resources, such as the coal fine impoundments acquired by the company, into superior transportation fuels and fuel additives.