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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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Modification of the performance standard for vegetative slope protection to protect against erosion and failure of a surface impoundment.
The motorist should promise not to drive the vehicle during the impoundment period.
Evaluation of a 23-cm minimum length limit for black and white crappies in a small South Dakota impoundment.
In practice, however, past presidents wielded considerable control over public spending through the exercise of budget impoundment," she said.
Judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers routinely seek impoundment in sensitive cases, and most juvenile, sex assault and other cases are automatically closed under law.
A 1995 Senate budget committee report noted, "This tug-of-war goes to the most basic tenet of the American democratic system of government--the balance of powers between the executive and the legislative branches of government--the power of the purse versus the impoundment power.
39) The study concluded that although the impoundment was "on the verge of failure," TVA employees had observed "no visible signs of distress .
Table 2 gives the categorisation by the authors of all fish species identified in the reservoir since impoundment.
In the new impoundments, we'll have a lot of habitat that's ideal for attracting bass.
Coal ash was brought to national attention in 2008 when an impoundment holding disposed coal ash waste generated by the Tennessee Valley Authority failed, creating a massive spill in Kingston, Tenn.
In May 2008, EPA inspected Devil's Slide Quarry and found evidence of a discharge to the Weber River from an impoundment built to store storm water and/or process water runoff from rain or snowmelt.
Since the December 2008 collapse of the Kingston Fossil Plant coal ash impoundment in Tennessee, which spilled 5.
On December 22, 2008, a breach in a surface impoundment (or storage pond) dike at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Kingston Fossil Plant in Tennessee resulted in the release of 5.
Preliminary detection of beaver sites on the aerial photographs was based on specific characters of beaver impoundment images (beaver dam and water table upstream the dam) in canals.
A two-stage reclamation process was developed, which included mill demolition and tailings impoundment reclamation.