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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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Once the device is installed on a vehicle, it has to be parked at the destination within two hours and if the vehicle is moved before the impounding is over, the activity will be tracked automatically and legal measures initiated against the violator.
They said that the law enforcement agencies should stop smuggling of unregistered vehicles from Afghanistan instead of arresting innocent people and impounding their vehicles.
The only exceptions to impounding cars would be humanitarian cases involving senior citizens or women, the ministry said.
The data also showed that total of 436 vehicles were impounded at both LTFRB and MMDA impounding areas from January to June 2017.
The auction, 'one of the biggest' the MMDA will hold, is part of efforts to clear up the impounding sites and make room for recently apprehended vehicles, particularly those towed for illegal parking.
Over 1,500 abandoned cars are sitting impounded ay Bani Yas Impounding Yard, which has seen Abu Dhabi Municipality call for the cases to be settled urgently.
Coleraine had the best record of returning pets to owners without impounding them, whereas Cookstown impounded all stray dogs.
Be warned: Even if your pet has a license when it is picked up by animal control, you will probably still be charged for the impounding cost.
When Schwarzenegger last year vetoed the predecessor to Soto's bill, AB 1132, by Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, D-Fremont, he said the impounding authority was an effective law enforcement tool to prevent unlicensed driving and prevent owners from loaning their vehicles to unlicensed drivers.
On Monday harbour staff began removing the wrecks and impounding the seaworthy boats.
He isn't shy about letting his staff know it's in their best interest to keep impounding cars and other valuables.
Dubai: Motorists in Dubai will be able keep impounded vehicles at their own premises instead of leaving it at police-designated impounding yards, Dubai Police said on Sunday.
Ian Buenafe, a senior officer of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, said the convoy of vehicles left the LTO impounding area in Quezon City at about 8 a.
Teresa Aquino, chief of the Forest Conservation Division, DENR, said the department has adopted the Small Water Impounding System or Spring Development and the Small Water Impounding Project (SWIP).
He challaned 31 vehicles and imposed total Rs 32,600 on them, besides impounding 11 others for overcharging.