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Synonyms for impound

Synonyms for impound

take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority

place or shut up in a pound

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He advised the owners of the impounded vehicles-most of them seized for being 'colorum' or used as public transport without a franchise-to immediately claim them to avoid incurring additional penalties.
A total of 10 drivers were challaned and nine vehicles impounded on charges of driving without road permit during the campaign.
According to local Arab media reports, Colonel Saif Al Mazroui, director of the traffic department, said the highest number of impounded vehicles was recorded in March at 2,814, indicating a significant drop from last year's statistics that recorded 11,355 in March 2015.
The Coast Guard impounded the MV Jin Teng, the North Korea-controlled cargo vessel, at the Subic Bay Freeport on March 4, two days after the UN issued the resolution.
The police auctioned the cars based on local order No 34 of the year 2008 regarding impounded cars and bicycles.
Six cars were impounded and their drivers cited on suspicion of reckless driving.
LAHORE -- City Traffic Police Lahore impounded 698 vehicles and issued 2907 challan tickets during the ongoing campaign against underage drivers in the provincial capital.
Rawalpindi -- At least six loaded trucks and dozens of trucks have been impounded during an ongoing operation against encroachments in various areas of Rawalpindi.
Sharjah/Ras Al Khaimah: Hundreds of vehicles were impounded for various violations in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah in the first three months of this year, officials said.
Summary: DUBAI u The Dubai Police impounded over 60 vehicles and are in the process of impounding another 1,200-odd vehicles for irresponsible actions by their drivers and passengers, including causing noise, on National Day.
The cars of legal residents, however, could still be impounded.
SARGODHA -- The Excise and Taxation (E and T) department confiscated documents of 235 vehicles and impounded 85 vehicles over default at various points in the region.
He said that they also impounded 67 quad bikes in 2015, an increase from 48 in 2014, for driving on the main road.