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in a helpless manner

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In 1999, the rst time Pinehurst hosted the US Open, Big Phil fell to the unfancied Payne Stewart, losing his lead with two holes to play and watching impotently as Stewart nished birdie-par to take the crown.
A lone media house "Geo" has been able to single out entire nation and most impotently challenging the writ of the government by bluntly demonizing most vital pillar of state structure.
I sat by impotently and watched the miracle take place--they and nature had it covered.
The president raised taxes in the January 2013 fiscal cliff deal, and is trying impotently to raise them more.
The chief function of Headey, Cersei in Game of Thrones, is to provide a voiceover while Santoro gazes, impotently, in his finest gold lame posing pouch and bondage bling.
In the 1930s, British and American leaders watched impotently as Germany prepared to plunge the world into darkness.
The sad irony now is that it is the courts being asked to the rescue the VRA while Congress, the rightful enforcer of the law, stands impotently on the sidelines.
The former Coventry keeper will return with more than most to prove, but everything to gain after spending every second of the Italian's eight games to date sitting impotently on the bench.
Pardew stood impotently on the sideline as his side imploded, and one fan among a crowd of 52,351 made his feelings clear when he hurled his scarf towards the 51-year-old.
It had all begun impotently but the climax came in the form of two explosive gems - Say Hello Wave Goodbye and T-Rex's Hot Love.
This tendency to inertia can, however, be offset, firstly, by a strong sense of wanting to fix what went wrong when the party was previously in government; secondly, by an appreciation of the urgency and the public salience of particular issues; and, finally, by a willingness to adapt strategically to the policies of the current government rather than impotently rage against the dying of the light.
In another one of his quietly intense performances, he plays Calles as a leader out of his depth, seething impotently at each new report of Federaie humiliation.
But Brennan's truncated treatment of that novel elides its significance in the tale and he hence does not recognize its ongoing resonance in ensuing works, as when The Comedians asserted thirty years later that teleologies like Catholicism and communism are better suited to confront manifestations of evil than liberal "established societies" that are impotently indifferent to injustice, having on their hands not blood but "water like Pilate.
Imagine if the Jerde scheme turned out to be just as disastrous a mistake - the entire city centre will be a tacky wasteland and our elected representatives will be saying impotently exactly what Coun Mutton is telling us now.