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Synonyms for impotent

Synonyms for impotent

lacking power or strength

not capable of accomplishing anything

unable to produce offspring

Antonyms for impotent

lacking power or ability

(of a male) unable to copulate


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Now researchers are urging doctors recommend pelvic floor exercises straight away to patients who are impotent.
He said "I figured if I was gonna be impotent I should look impotent.
RESTORE is a non-invasive system that enhances male sexual performance and has been used by men who are impotent as well as those men who wish to improve sexual performance.
In the second half, I think the encouragement of the crowd helped him get going or started in the offensive way because everyone else seemed impotent out there,'' Jackson said.
Chief medical officer Dr Henrietta Campbell yesterday said an outbreak of mumps could make thousands of men impotent.
We feel impotent against incidents that throw us back light years.
By simultaneously casting himself as an epigone of both the politically impotent Expressionists--who immolated social concerns within the isolating arena of painting--as well as Berlin-Dada provocateurs, Oehlen restages the death of a historical moment; his work is an exercise in defeat.
22, 1998--Urologists at Stanford are evaluating a new surgical tool that can help spare men from becoming impotent after surgery for localized prostate cancer.
Only the purity of their love sustains both the impotent (in more ways than one) Tom and the hapless Grace.
The blast left him impotent with burns to his genitals and backside and a fractured pelvis.
Now health ministers have replaced it with a 60ft poster which still features the Marlboro idol - but is emblazoned with the word Impotent.
Impotent Sea Snakes lead singer, drag-queen, 13, will marry his beloved "Princess Christy," live onstage amidst outrageous pyrotechnics and a scantily clad wedding party.
Big break: He shot to fame in 1966 in the film The Family Way, where he played the impotent husband of Hayley Mills.
But when city officials drew up the new City Charter, they rendered the councils impotent, denying them adequate money or authority.
Hundreds of men are taking out insurance in case they become impotent, to pay for "wonder drug" Viagra .