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Secondary Impotency: There are lots of etiological factors responsible for causing secondary impotency.
Part II begins with Matteo Duni examining how impotency in the Renaissance could be explained by many widespread causes depending on circumstances.
15), the use of impotency texts to allegorically explore the significance of movements between action and inaction, power and impotence, is established.
Roccas explained that including possible psychological reasons, several health conditions could also cause impotency.
Moreno-Ocampo repeated the allegation of use of impotency drugs, saying his team was finding "some elements" confirming the purchase of "Viagra type of medicaments.
As well as the symptoms of his original health problems he now has the added stress, embarrassment and possible humiliation that impotency can bring.
A BABY whose life was saved by impotency drug Viagra has started walking and eating solid foods.
I can remove black magic, bad luck and witchcraft, impotency from your life.
New York) for not mentioning the risks of Viagra in an advertisement featuring country musicians singing the praises of its popular impotency pill.
Could it be that the people advising Mr Tarrant have told him that rather than hitting back with denials about his impotency, which looks rather like "the gentleman doth protest too much", the best thing to do is to be seen playing the great romeo with an attractive woman.
Gopal Dehar said because of his impotency he had been incapable of sex and had only told another officer he had been with the mum to hide his problem and keep up his reputation of being a ladies' man.
Derek Symmons, 63, of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, strangled his wife Christine in the hallway of their pounds 1m home after she taunted him about his impotency, just hours after they had been to a marriage counselling session.
These little things are adding up to cause what look like silly but fatal mistakes at the back and the impotency up front.
4 ounces of hashish, as well as 250 tablets of Viagra, which treats impotency in men; 1,000 tablets of Diazepam (a generic form of the tranquilizer Valium) and 1,000 tablets of an unknown substance, along with drug paraphernalia, Hahn said.