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The imposter was deluged with criticism after posting a picture of Kym and her daughter Polly, four.
One New York tweeter, known as Lisa B, wrote: "I've seen the Rod Stewart imposter in VIP lounge at JFK.
Imposter Luke has already threatened Alexis when he learned Julian has decided to part ways with the mob.
But Ali Mohammed, 26, escaped jail even though it was the second time he had used an imposter in a desperate bid to pass the exam.
AN INTERNET site containing mischievous postings from an imposter claiming to be Aston Villa director General Charles Krulak has been blocked.
DVD THE IMPOSTER (15) AN astonishing documentary that tells the story of how a serial imposter, Frenchman Frederic Bourdin, posed as a Texas family's long-lost son.
Officials unwittingly arrange for the imposter to be reunited with Nicholas' family in San Antonio.
The call came after Governor Toryalai Weesa did not appear before the house despite being summoned twice to explain how an imposter was able to collect sensitive information from the provincial departments.
When the banks were unable to get payments from the imposter Kenneth Huggins, debts were assigned to collection agencies, at which point the unsuspecting Huggins could do nothing to avoid being sucked into the financial fraud abyss.
6 is "imposter scams"--in which imposters posed as friends, family, respected companies or government agencies to get consumers to send them money.
An imposter can get the name of a friend of a friend and request to be your friend.
A week prior to the training, one Fiji immigration officer stopped an imposter at the boarding gate of a flight destined for the United States.
Though the courts ruled in 2001 that Internet file sharing of music is illegal, there is no national legislation to protect artists from the piracy of imposter groups.
Holbrook Emma and Wrenbury Farmers were that rarest of things, graded non-arrivals, while something masquerading as Our Dog Turbo arrived okay but was spotted as an imposter just in time.
Selia has plotted to protect her own identity by inciting a war between the two kingdoms--but before this war and the marriage can take place, Ani, with the help of the farm workers and forest dwellers, rises up to stop the war and expose Selia as an imposter.
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