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in an impressive manner


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WHEN Moussa Sissoko pitched up at St James' Park in the depths of mid-winter in 2013, he cut an imposingly impressive figure as he pulled his designer jacket in tight to protect himself from the chill of the January wind.
But as embodied by the imposingly tall and charismatic Gunn, Miller appears ready to stand her ground.
This essay will use the cases of Tunisia and Egypt to argue for a critical reexamination of the concept of civil society, which, under closer scrutiny, is revealed to be an imposingly normative term and an analytical tool of only limited value.
17) For listeners, its lyricism and striking consonances hardly seemed "advanced" beside Sergei Prokofiev's imposingly dissonant Sixth Piano Sonata, the work with which it shared a tour program.
Of the two other starcross'd lovers, soprano Valerie Vinzant did nicely, but baritone Tyler Duncan, while looking imposingly at home in his Mauritanian royal robes, seemed less than fully comfortable vocally.
Louis, and Philadelphia, and turned the steel works into an armed camp, protected by an imposingly tall fence topped with barbed wire and patrolled by Winchester rifle bearing Pinkerton detectives.
Just 15 minutes' brisk walk from the tower, the 180-bedroom Imperial is an imposingly beautiful 1867 Victorian building.
Richard Serra has a story he likes to tell--as he did recently to a group gathered for a preview of this magisterial, museum-quality survey of his works made between 1966 to 1971 mounted at David Zwirner's imposingly soigne new digs on West Twentieth Street--about a formative moment in his life as an artist when, traveling around Europe while on a Fulbright, he encountered Las Meninas for the first time.
Jon and Ygritte's bond seems stronger than ever after they managing to overcome the imposingly icy wall to reach the Seven Kingdoms.
Professor Lee Dong-ho of the Korea University Graduate School of Information Security was reported as saying, at the imposingly named Defence Security Command's Defence Information Security Conference in Seoul, that North Korea's electronic warfare capabilities ran a close third to those of Russia and the US.
As I am ushered into his office with my photographer (who is politely asked to leave by his PA because the interview appointment said "journalist only") I am drawn to the massive oil painting (also in green) of Boateng himself which hangs imposingly just behind his gleaming, clutter-free desk.
On his final night, one man, imposingly muscled and taciturn, who hadn't yet spoken to Miyakawa, broke his silence, telling him, "All these famous artists suffered before they became famous.
It can be observed in the genre of autobiography, most imposingly in the multi-volume works by al-Suyiiti (d.