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set forth authoritatively as obligatory

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The operator must also disclose that a fee will be imposed and the amount of the fee, either on the screen of the machine or on a paper notice, before the consumer is committed to completing the transaction.
Should a Labor Rights and Trade Agreement (LRTA) be negotiated during the next WTO round, the adjustments imposed on developing countries should be weighed in the concessions offered them.
9th Circuit Court of Appeals voided the death sentence imposed on Alfred Sandoval, who was found guilty of murdering four people in Los Angeles in 1984.
Monrovia is one of the many American cities that have imposed curfews on their teenagers over the last several years.
Under newly enacted IRC section 4958, intermediate sanctions are imposed on "excess benefit transactions" between a "disqualified person" and a tax-exempt organization.
MULTAN -- The District administration had imposed fine Rs 261,900 on 270 shopkeepers involved in profiteering during September.
SARGODHA -- Four shopkeepers were arrested and fine was imposed on 31 persons for overcharging here Thursday.
PFAA workers have voted to strike if a contract is imposed.
Franchise tax: The Texas franchise tax is a "privilege tax" imposed on corporations and limited liability companies that either do business in Texas or are registered to do business there.
Injunctions are imposed because we're empowering residents to smoke these thugs out of their holes,'' Delgadillo said.
The final penalty regulations accompanying section 6662 became effective in 1995 and provide that valuation misstatement penalties can be imposed for failure to comply with the section 482 regulations.
Any such filings and payments will be considered timely and no late filing or late payment penalties will be imposed.
Finally, the legislation seemingly does not include a reasonable cause or good faith exception that would permit abatement of penalties imposed on an employee?