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Synonyms for impose

impose on someone


impose something on or upon someone: inflict

Synonyms for impose

to establish and apply as compulsory

to set forth expressly and authoritatively

to cause to undergo or bear (something unwelcome or damaging, for example)

to force (another) to accept a burden

to take advantage of unfairly

Synonyms for impose

compel to behave in a certain way


impose and collect

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He is, of course, right when he insists that the state not impose religion.
The agreement imposes four basic limitations on restricted specialties and areas.
California law requires retailers to tell consumers if they charge restocking fees or impose other conditions beyond the standard, commonly expected return policy.
Both bills impose new penalties up to $200,000 for failure to comply with existing tax shelter disclosure regulations, and increase the penalties for underpayments related to transactions required to be disclosed under the regulations.
1637, like similar provisions contained in other pending legislation, would make significant use of increased accuracy-related penalty rates (as noted above, as high as 40 percent), impose stringent standards for avoidance of penalties and waiver of them (which in many cases essentially impose a form of strict liability that affords no discretion in their application), and impose other punitive provisions on taxpayers that would deny interest deductions on underpayments, extend statutes of limitations, levy fines, and require disclosures in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
To the extent FinCEN seeks to impose the Section 352 requirements on lawyers, the Section strongly believes that these requirements should be carefully tailored so that they apply, at most, only to those lawyers who act as financial intermediaries and actually handle the receipt and transmission of cash proceeds through accounts that they actually control in the act of closing a commercial real estate transaction.
An automated teller machine operator may impose a fee on a consumer for initiating an electronic fund transfer or a balance inquiry only if
This said, more rigorous enforcement of workers' rights would impose significant economic adjustments on developing-country economies and impose costly enforcement burdens.
Users can impose native QuarkXPress layouts using QuarkXPress 7 or PDF files using Adobe Acrobat 7, ensuring maximum flexibility in dealing with customer files in whatever format they are received.
ISLAMABAD, March 17, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Pakistan Muslim League-N has filed adjournment motion in the National Assembly on Wednesday against the Presidential ordinance, which has allowed the federal government to impose taxes worth Rs 120 billion.
ISLAMABAD, August 26, 2010 (Frontier Star): PPP's led incumbent government has decided to impose flood tax with the ratio of 0.
In a statement, Northwest said it was "disappointed" in the vote and that it has asked the US Bankruptcy Court to rule on its Section 1113[c] motion to reject the existing labor agreement and impose new contract terms "as soon as possible.
It states that the mere solicitation of orders in a state does not generate sufficient business activity to impose a net income tax on those sales.
Prior to the convention, Kerry said that he believed life begins at conception, but that he did not believe he had the right to impose his Catholic faith on a country that is not Catholic.
Also, the Inland Revenue may impose penalties if it determines that the tax return was not prepared in compliance with the arm's length principle or that the return was submitted fraudulently or negligently.