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Synonyms for importunate

Synonyms for importunate

firm or obstinate, as in making a demand or maintaining a stand

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expressing earnest entreaty

References in classic literature ?
Her importunities had prevailed upon Urfried to suffer her to quit the turret, and Urfried had employed her services where she herself would most gladly have paid them, by the bedside of the wounded Ivanhoe.
She required a few pieces herself, the Foundation which, after many importunities, had gathered her to its charitable breast, giving nothing but bare planks and cheaply papered bricks to the objects of its solicitude.
After an initial tenderness, the family's importunities and attempts to coerce Clementina into marriage with the Count finally end in protracted psychological warfare similar to that suffered by Clarissa at the hands of the Harlowes.
Montferrers meekly retires, very wanly evoking God: "Your importunities have overcome .
Marcela, niece of an indulgent village priest who is her guardian, flees to the countryside with a flock of sheep in order to escape the importunities of her numerous suitors, whom she suspects of desiring only her beauty and, especially, her wealth.
Calling attention to Jesus' practice of allowing his agenda, time after time, to be interrupted and set aside by the needs and importunities of others, Jon made it evident that this attitude, modeled on the practice of Jesus, is not just a platitude.
She only has to seduce a married man who, moments before, rejected both of their importunities.
Rather, Williams boasted of men acquiescing to his sexual importunities, and seemed to take particular pleasure dominating men physically larger than himself.
IT IS BECAUSE IN THEIR HOURS OF TIMIDITY the Congress becomes subservient to the importunities of organized minorities that the President comes more and more to stand as the champion of the rights of the whole country," Coolidge wrote in his autobiography.
Quite routinely, besides semantic uncertainties, embedded, phrase- and clause-filled sentences, prolix and highly stylized diction, we have to contend here with all kinds of importunities (narratorial interventions, self-questioning, exhortations, declarations of ignorance); with ellipsis, prolepsis and clashing personal pronouns; with shifts in tense, mode and point of view.
1) (+) moderation, (+) self-control, (+) resistance to importunities, (+) habitual self-denial (Chatterton eschewed anything that hindered the free play of mental faculties; this feature seems to be a romantic anticipation of Keats's negative capability founded in abnegation and altruism and love of freedom for the others as for oneself), (+) manly self-possession, (+) energy, (+) self-reliance, (+) confidence, (+) independence, (+) resolution, (+) courage, (+) wonderful versatility (connected to a chameleon-like quality of "catching" various expressive veins such as the satire of Charles Churchill or of others), (+) domestic affection (shown in his home letters), (+) frankness, (+) keen sense of humour, (+) intellectual vigour;
Instead Book III includes a series of representations of desire: desire as courtly dalliance at the Castle Joyeux (III I); desire as lechery in the fornication of Hellenore and Paridell (III x); desire as perversion in the importunities of the monsters Argante and Oliphant; desire as a procreative force in the Garden of Adonis (III vi); desire as infatuation in the Tapestries and the Masque of Cupid (III xi--xii).
There is some evidence that the importunities of the orange-women--"Chase some oranges, chase some numparels, chase a bill of the play" (Lamb 224)--were viewed by many playgoers as an unwelcome, distracting, side-show with the women overcharging for their wares.
Kate is chaotic, beset by the importunities of Fate, dedicated to succeed, and always cramming just too much into her day--and night.
In the following years, the Board continued to relent sometimes to importunities for higher pay.