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Synonyms for importune

Synonyms for importune

to trouble persistently from or as if from all sides

firm or obstinate, as in making a demand or maintaining a stand

Synonyms for importune

beg persistently and urgently


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I was also importuned to broaden my NP endorsement to "gerontology", until I enlisted the support of my supervising consultant who sanctioned POA as a broad subspecialty of psychiatry and not as a narrow "silo".
said that the victim, who absconded from her employer and had been working illegally as a domestic help, importuned him to marry her, claiming that she was pregnant.
The group also successfully importuned chapter members to have their companies contribute items for inclusion in the gift bags and drawings.
At this weekend's Summit of the Americas in Trinidad, President Obama can expect to be importuned by Latin American leaders to go further than he already has to remove U.
she wept and importuned Heaven with a recital of their brutality.
John McCloy, assistant secretary of the War Department, was several times importuned by various parties to authorize a bombing campaign against Auschwitz.
The spirit which brooded over the creation [Urania] must now be importuned to brood over what might otherwise be the chaos of the poem" (26).
I importuned HaShem to bring back His ancient plagues to punish those nations and all the people who hunted the Jews.
Instead of the traditional stiffly seated paternal Sol enthroned in a classical portico being importuned by his son Phaethon, Boissard depicted many couples hanging out of the balcony and the enthroned Sol engaged in activities other than paternal solicitousness.
This sizzling scene is taken from Stolen by the Sheik, one of a subset of romance novels in which Western women find love after being importuned by sexy Arab potentates.
2" for opening night, landed "Shrek 2" for a prime competition slot on Saturday, May 15, and importuned the entire voice cast, including Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz, to appear.
After Jesuit theologian Waldenfels published Faszination des Buddhismus 1982), the now emeritus professor of world religions at the University of Bonn was importuned to write something similar on Christianity.
Peace on Earth--Peace in Vietnam" importuned others to do the same.
president and chief operating officer Mary Sammons, importuned retailers and suppliers to join to get a benefit enacted.
So our millionaires and billionaires give money when importuned by politicians.