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Synonyms for importune

Synonyms for importune

to trouble persistently from or as if from all sides

firm or obstinate, as in making a demand or maintaining a stand

Synonyms for importune

beg persistently and urgently


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As a result of his importune actions in the previous novel in the series, "Good As Dead," Tom Thorne finds himself demoted to uniform duties, while remaining an inspector.
Europe and America should importune Georgia not to stir anti- Russian animosities in the North Caucasus.
Perhaps of more importance, in a continent that is challenged by a shortage of costly medical resources, it seems importune to make a case for maintenance of an expensive, controversial, unproven therapy with so few indications, and to criticise an earnest and honest attempt to bring reason to the debate.
The staff will serve you cheerfully but is strictly forbidden to importune you to buy.
But just like the titles that allow you to fill them in as words if you so desire yet don't importune you to do so, many of the paintings themselves seem neither to demand nor disclaim reference.
The security forces of Assad have been able to continue importune killing safe in the knowledge that supportive Russia and China would move to nix any potential U.
Having bankrupted the economy, they have been compelled to importune the IMF for a bailout and, in return, to uncomplainingly accept a host of impossible assignments, one of which is to keep the mujahideen out of Occupied Kashmir, and the other, the Taliban out of Afghanistan.
Would it be importune to note that Sue's surname is also, in the circumstances, almost appropriate?
If La traviata has become so boring and irrelevant to an artistic director, I would suggest it is time for that director to mentor some other stage work and not importune himself into the potential financial rewards that the title alone may guarantee to said opera troupe.
If the agency agrees, the company can then importune a bankruptcy judge to approve terminating the plan.
The bye-law prevents people in streets or public places from "selling or advertising any article or obtaining custom, tout or importune to the annoyance or obstruction" of passers-by.
Somebody who hasn't had that training might have left the aircraft at a more importune moment.
Par-dessus tout, peut-etre, le portrait de la femme--indesirable, importune, intruse, menacante--me semble juste et riche.
The letter said it should be "an offence for any person to importune any other person for the provision of sexual services - kerb crawling".
Following Pearl Harbor, FDR began to importune Attorney General Francis Biddle to prosecute journalists and political activists who criticized the administration.