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Synonyms for importune

Synonyms for importune

to trouble persistently from or as if from all sides

firm or obstinate, as in making a demand or maintaining a stand

Synonyms for importune

beg persistently and urgently


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Having bankrupted the economy, they have been compelled to importune the IMF for a bailout and, in return, to uncomplainingly accept a host of impossible assignments, one of which is to keep the mujahideen out of Occupied Kashmir, and the other, the Taliban out of Afghanistan.
Would it be importune to note that Sue's surname is also, in the circumstances, almost appropriate?
If the agency agrees, the company can then importune a bankruptcy judge to approve terminating the plan.
The bye-law prevents people in streets or public places from "selling or advertising any article or obtaining custom, tout or importune to the annoyance or obstruction" of passers-by.
The positive identification of the remains of the left arm of Duke Christian II of Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel was edifying but had little scientific interest, and prompts me to recommend cremation to protect against the importune curiosity of future generations of scientists.
Somebody who hasn't had that training might have left the aircraft at a more importune moment.
The letter said it should be "an offence for any person to importune any other person for the provision of sexual services - kerb crawling".
I importune our gay brothers and sisters to come out and help rebuild this church.
It would neither inhibit grand jury deliberations nor importune grand jurors because disclosure would occur only after the indictment and thus could not reflect their deliberations.
It works every time, I've never had to argue about it or further importune them.
She advised her that the posters were illegal under the Representation of People's Act as they sought to importune voters on their way to the station.
However, offshoots of the Tambara branch who went abroad achieved some note, Pakistan as champion sire in New Zealand, Sairiya and Importune with Derby victories in Yugoslavia and Australia respectively.
did not importune the plaintiff to buy the property nor goad him into quick action.
Where American parents threaten to sue teachers, their Japanese counterparts importune them to be more demanding.