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Synonyms for importunately

in a beseeching manner

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The men replied audaciously, they should be starved if they stayed here, for they could not work, and would not work, and they could but be starved abroad; and if they were murdered, there was an end of them; they had no wives or children to cry after them; and, in short, insisted importunately upon their demand, declaring they would go, whether they gave them any arms or not.
Thou shalt know them by their (Unfailing) mark: They beg not importunately from the sundry (Quran.
In a plummeting balloon, there would be no need for a first vote on who should be tossed overboard to lighten the load: the Anglican, always earnestly and importunately eager to please - will invariably volunteer.
Similarly, if Apollonian intensities are glimpsed in Hal's progress or in Prospero's project, they're admittedly less vividly and importunately dramatized in Shakespeare than are daemonic temptations.
TLN 2093) seem to suggest that although Leonella does not admit Votarius straightway, he is visible while importunately asking her to let him enter.
He always seems to be speaking importunately into someone's ear--someone who listens unwillingly, or against whose thick skin even the best arguments rebound.