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Synonyms for importunate

Synonyms for importunate

firm or obstinate, as in making a demand or maintaining a stand

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expressing earnest entreaty

References in classic literature ?
He had been somewhat languidly drifting with events for the last fortnight, and letting May's fair looks and radiant nature obliterate the rather importunate pressure of the Mingott claims.
The result was discoverable, he added, in that silent, yet importunate and terrible influence which for centuries had moulded the destinies of his family, and which made him what I now saw him--what he was.
Dimmesdale's flock, were alike importunate that he should make trial of the physician's frankly offered skill.
Occasionally accompanie d by gifts or other objects, their aim was generally to compliment, to ingratiate, to request a service, express an obligation--or not, as in the case of an importunate suitor.
Sisson, "The Red Bull Company and the Importunate Widow, Shakespeare Survey 7 (1954): 57-68.
When a mysteriously importunate visitor -- a blind black man named Riley -- arrives, the play seems poised to reach a terrifying climax, but Pinter has sent Rose a savior, a chance at deliverance that she is just beginning to recognize when it is crushed by her husband in the play's harrowing last moments.
Generally, what one feels and inhales, naturally & easily, with every breath," he wrote about Rome, "is the importunate presence of tradition of every kind--the influence of an atmosphere electrically charged with historic intimations and whisperings.
As voices like Browne's are increasingly heard, the cause that until now has been presented as the defense of the environment, as if the environment were an importunate relative whom long-suffering mankind was being asked to support, is beginning to be presented as the self-defense of the human species itself.
In his diary he describes how he "saw various forms of squalor, disease, and deformity-all manner of importunate beggary.
If I recollect rightly, I did not immediately accept the invitation, nor 'till after I received several very importunate letters from Mrs.
23 Panormita begs the addressee, Galeazzo, to find him a copy of Catullus for his importunate girlfriend.
The televised leaders' debate symbolized the marginalisation of the left: Alexa McDonough occasionally got a word in edgewise, as it were, re unemployment, but the other leaders treated her much like an importunate stranger at a party who keeps trying to butt in on a private conversation and change the subject.
Just when the vision appears, an importunate Knock on the door banishes it, and you Lethe-wards have sunk, or when a sweet Melancholic fit should transport you to a North Pole of absolute concentration, Obligations intrude, putting an end to the day's Poem.
In Brooke and Bandello, all the ladies, knights, and gentlemen of Verona are invited (159-62; 351), but Shakespeare's Capulet invites only a few guests, the occasion hastily arranged to accommodate the importunate Paris.
In both places, Stevenson shares Hazlitt's pleasure in the estrangement entailed by taking a journey through places where one is not known, "It is great," wrote Hazlitt, "to shake off the trammels of the world and of public opinion--to lose our importunate, everlasting identity in the elements of nature" (16:185).