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Synonyms for importantly

in an important way or to an important degree

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However, such a move is directly at odds with the regulatory objectives of adequate capacity, affordable coverage, market stability, and most importantly, insurer solvency.
Even more importantly, our actions now will determine whether future generations will be left with a bill to pay or with a legacy of stewardship.
More importantly, the responses were not summarized according to numerical frequency but selected according to "insistence or [reflecting] deep convictions.
Everyone had fun--and, more importantly, they underscored Governor Huckabee's message that a Healthy America starts with personal commitment to daily physical activity.
I had heard about football violence, but I didn't realize how intense it really is, how organized it is and how, more importantly, these people aren't necessarily criminals in their daily life.
The 1836 Prisoners' Counsel Act was an important landmark in the progression of the criminal trial, as it gave the accused access to all depositions and a copy of the indictment sworn against them, recognized the defendant's right to have legal counsel, and perhaps most importantly, permitted that counsel to address the jury on behalf of his client.
More importantly, only close observation of the game can detect truly outstanding defense, for there is no box score category for cutting one's man off at the baseline.
Most importantly, the stringent protocols, training, and quality assurance standards in both industries are designed to protect Americans on a daily basis, whether they are 1.
Importantly, non-bank asset-based lending is today the commanding mechanism, creating the liquidity that drives both financial markets and economies.
The IFN-[beta] la preparation employed in this study was selected because it is currently used as part of the most effective treatment regimen for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (8), and more importantly, because it was shown to have antiviral activity (as measured in a vesicular stomatitis virus cytopathic assay system) 14 times greater than the currently available treatment using IFN-[beta] 1b (9).
More importantly, if data is migrated, what circumstances will dictate its return to "critical" status, and can re-provisioning be accomplished in a compliant fashion?
The entire house of bishops is to be commended for its frank and, more importantly, open debate on same-sex blessings at its October meeting, which garnered considerable attention from the secular press.
More importantly, it is the first attempt to offer a coherent account of closet drama as a counter-tradition to the commercial stage.
Caroline Rody's The Daughter's Return importantly links these two themes to provide a compelling examination of how recent African American and Caribbean women writers return to the past in order to rewrite it.
But they also want to see leaders who look comfortable with maintaining and, more importantly, using America's military might.