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It was evident that the carriage belonged to a rich and important person who was awaiting it somewhere; the police, of course, were in no little anxiety to avoid upsetting his arrangements.
That evening there was a grand reception in the royal palace, attended by the most important persons of Oz, and Jack Pumpkinhead, who was a little overripe but still active, read an address congratulating Ozma of Oz upon the success of her generous mission to rescue the royal family of a neighboring kingdom.
And the same is true of ambitious men; if they cannot command an army, they are willing to command a file; and if they cannot be honoured by really great and important persons, they are glad to be honoured by lesser and meaner people, but honour of some kind they must have.
On the first crash of the eminent Mr Merdle's decease, many important persons had been unable to determine whether they should cut Mrs Merdle, or comfort her.
GAUTAM Gaikwad has been a Vipassana teacher and one of the most important persons in the Vipassana Research Institute.
To get started on finding the perfect diamond ring for an extremely important person in your life, please call 800-518-0240 or visit www.
changed and she felt that she was the most important person in her family and
In order to show to us that this was a coincidence and not a party strategy, they should not wait for another important person in Macedonia to leave the world of the living, Najdovski writes.
Terming the incident as a gruesome act, he held that it is a matter of grave concern that such important person was killed in broad daylight and the killers are still at large.
How come the name of the most important person in everyone's life - who gives birth to a new life - is not mentioned?
If you're stuck in the lift then the lift engineer becomes the most important person," said Brennan.
Gareth is the most important person in this scenario.
And on his own power, he claimed: "The most important person at Manchester United is the manager.
He is a second father for me, the most important person in my life after my father.
Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment" discusses empathy and empaths, people who feel the pain of others more strongly than typical empathy.