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Synonyms for import

Synonyms for import

to have or convey a particular idea

to be of significance or importance

the general sense or significance, as of an action or statement

the gist of a specific action or situation

Synonyms for import

commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country

an imported person brought from a foreign country

a meaning that is not expressly stated but can be inferred

having important effects or influence

transfer (electronic data) into a database or document

indicate or signify


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An increase in importable goods price decreases capital rewards, while it increases the wages of both types of labor.
The penultimate section of the article analyzes the case where there is endogenous labor-leisure choice and shows that, even if the cash requirement ratios are the same for all importable and exportable goods, some of our previous results are still valid.
When trade protection is provided only to the importable sector, the proportional change in price of exportables is zero and the proportional change in price of nontradeables is less than that of importables (with the shift parameter being less than one).
Users can choose fonts, sizes and attributes; text and a wide range of importable graphics can be rotated, resized and placed as desired.
Images themselves are importable as bitmaps to other software documentation; the data itself may be exported in formats compatible with most spreadsheet software such as Excel, Lotus and dBase.
Energy Plus uses FORTRAN 90, which allows modular program development with easy integration with other software; building geometry is also importable from CAD.
They also blamed the government for categorizing finished rush mats as not subject to the ''safeguard'' import curb and thus importable at low duties.
are the weights of importable goods in the countries' overall price indices.
Other importable merchandises are scientific, medical, optical, measuring and controlling instruments and apparatus, wheat, potato, vegetable and palm oil seeds, crude and refined petroleum, chemical fertilizer, boarding bridge, insecticides and pesticides, road roller, bulldozer, pumps, steel sheet piles and marine diesel engine.
En la segunda seccion de este capitulo se centra en el mismo estudio de la primera, pero para el caso de una economia con un sector transable y un sector domestico, en cuyo caso ya no existe especializacion completa en la produccion del bien exportable sino que se producen tres bienes: un exportable, un importable y un no transable (bien domestico).
Following the reforms, the pattern of comparative advantage did not change for female workers but now all male workers with other tertiary qualifications or less tended to be associated with exportable production and other higher qualified male workers with importable production.
It is assumed that neither the importable good nor the exportable good is an inferior good.
Of course, I speak from the benefit of experience, so it's entirely possible that those coming to it fresh, knowing only the legend that surrounds it (it remains banned on video in the UK, though paradoxically freely importable from the US) and the rever ence in which it is held, will be scared witless.
Whatever subject interests you, Winston-Salem has impressive resources to help you explore that subject, and if Winston-Salem can't do it, help is an easily importable short distance away.