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a duty imposed on imports

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Some analysts believe the import duty structure has some major loopholes that have to be plugged if the government wants to collect the envisaged Rs20-25 billion.
On other pertinent issues related to the steel sector, Mesco Steel CMD said, "Currently import duty on Coking Coal is 2.
Responding to a calling attention notice moved by Sheikeh Fayya-Ud- din regarding expected abolition of import duty on maize by the government, he said, 'the government is not considering to abolish import duty on maize and total production of maize was 5.
Our soyabean crushing operations, which have been showing a slow uptrend, should receive a major boost with the increase in import duty on crude edible oil.
EO 20 - Modifying the nomenclature and rates of import duty on various products under Section 1611 of Republic Act no.
APTMA-SB Zone also mentioned that a removal of import duty was also demanded two months ago against which demand the relevant Ministry had said that it was too early to remove this duty and the government wanted to wait till the major portion of the local crop was sold and of the hands of the farmers.
Almost 100% soybean is imported to produce quality poultry feed which includes regulatory import duty of 40%.
To support their demand, the symposium participants cited the example of India, which has imposed 100% import duty on import of processed chicken and its value-added products to safeguard its nascent poultry farming and processing sector.
The Ministry of Finance stated on 8 April 2016 that it is concerned about the impact of the higher import duty on wheat on the price of bread and other staple food, but that it is also mindful of the need to ensure policy certainty, food security and the financial health of the farming industry.
After careful consideration, the Ministry of Finance has decided to approve the implementation of an amendment to the import duty (tariff) on wheat, in accordance with the current variable import duty formula.
It follows a decision on February 8 to hike the import duty on tobacco from 100 per cent to 200pc.
Mobile phone importers, distributors and users have strongly criticised the import duty on mobile phones in the budget 2015.
Global Banking News-August 15, 2014--Indian commerce minister wants cut in import duty on gold
Sugar costlier by `60/ quintal after import duty raised to 40%
Since Mexico imports corn and sorghum primarily from the United States, it is unclear who will be the target of the new 20 percent import duty on corn and 15 percent import duty on sorghum.