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any regulation or policy that restricts international trade

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Import barriers are having a negative impact on spirits sales in Argentina.
The study added that 71% of connected firms in Egypt, compared to 4% of all firms, sell products that are protected by at least three technical import barriers.
LCD TVs are mainly manufactured locally since import barriers were imposed in 2011, yet they have a large share of imported parts in the final value, making devaluation translate into final prices.
The United States had removed some import barriers since 2012, when it was in first place, including duties on salmon from Norway, steel plate from Italy and Japan, honey from Argentina and orange juice from Brazil.
The removal of import barriers, however, should be phased-in gradually in order to minimise the risk of negative short-term impacts upon specific industries and employment.
But foreign competition, a strong euro, and import barriers in potentially lucrative markets like India have taken their toll.
WELSH Lamb could grab a PS20m slice of the American food market if import barriers are lifted, experts believe.
farm groups led by the National Pork Producers Council is urging Congress not to extend preferential trade treatment to African nations unless they commit to dropping import barriers to U.
Governments introducing import barriers have, in the main, cited the WTO rulebook to justify the moves.
The Charolais pioneers spent more than six years breaking down the import barriers before the Government finally gave the green light in 1961 for the first importation of bulls, and then only under its own terms of agreement.
Welsh Charolais breeder Dai Lewis, president of Charolais International, the breed's umbrella organisation of 27 member countries, said: "The Charolais pioneers spent over six years breaking down the import barriers before the Government finally gave the green light for the first importation of bulls in 1961.
import barriers, the policy increases farm and food prices domestically, and provides a disincentive to consume foods that use these commodities as ingredients.
Mission to the European Union sums it up as follows: "Import standards and phytosanitary requirements are being used to create import barriers, and imports of many products are required to undergo duplicative and expensive quality [and] safety inspection procedures.
He said the increased cooperation would show other countries that more trade, not import barriers, would beat the crippling recession.