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Synonyms for imponderable

Antonyms for imponderable

a factor whose effects cannot be accurately assessed

difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision


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One of the great imponderables of climate change will be Antarctica's response to today's warming over the decades ahead.
In this capacity, IMPONDERABLE can be written as 57/57 and SOFTENED as 35/53.
From life's minutiae to the imponderable mysteries of the human heart, to the simple joys and beauties associated with a simpler life and easier times, each individual poem is a carefully crafted with an succinct introductory comment, making it an elegantly presented work of poetic art.
And when a finance director sees an imponderable he tries to unload it - in this case on to future pensioners.
Distribucion de renta en los modelos macroeconomicos, es un claro ejemplo del giro pragmatico operado en la metodologia cientifica en el modo de enjuiciar los numerosos factores micro- y macro-economicos que de un modo imponderable pueden terminar afectando a sus respectivos modelos teoricos.
commence its imponderable strategy--that's another story
The great imponderable is whether Micky Adams will use the tie as an opportunity to firm up what he considers to be his first-choice lineup or will give starts to some of the players who have had to be content with bit-part contributions to date.
Buried within the imponderable bulk of that measure are "millions of dollars for controversial enforcement measures, including sobriety checkpoint roadblocks and now automobile seizures," reports The Newspaper, an online publication focusing on automobile and transportation issues.
Thus, the case presents an imponderable question: "When a vehicle can be simultaneously used for both lodging and transportation, how can one tell which use is primary?
You see how problems can be so imponderable, and insane,
The big imponderable with Tottenham is what kind of performance we can expect from them.
At first these pictures may seem based on an absolute dualism of searing white and imponderable black.
Today in the early months of 2003, the industry is working within a less than exuberant economy, upward gasoline prices, a rather shrill attack on bigness, softening leading indicators, threatening CAFE actions and a major imponderable in the Persian Gulf.
The question of how much risk a firm is taking appears to be an imponderable, unanswerable question that the industry has dealt with by adopting rules of thumb, such as premium-to-surplus ratios or, more recently, risk-based capital measures.