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not politic

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I know that it is, in an official sense, impolitic for me to make these statements on behalf of Colonel Jimbo, but my conscience would not permit me to refrain from doing what I can do to bring these circumstances to the attention of appropriate officials of your government.
From most commentators, the response has been an eye-rolling dismissal of Trump's tweet as"juvenile" - yet one more impulsive, impolitic, dangerous and unpresidential act by a president like no other.
I think it would be impolitic to intrude on PTI chief Imran Khan at this moment of grief.
A compelling but warts-and-all picture of the Indiana general emerges, one not only of an energetic, intelligent, self-educated citizen-soldier but also of a man who admittedly thirsted for glory and renown and whose often impolitic remarks damaged his relationships with fellow generals.
Earlier this month, he retweeted to his millions of followers unverified videos originating from the extreme right-wing Britain First group showing purported Muslims assaulting a range of apparently white individuals -- an action impolitic enough to earn a public reprimand from British Prime Minister Theresa May.
A Weinstein lawyer declined comment Thursday, but Weinsteins representatives forwarded a statement saying Weinstein "has never at any time committed an act of sexual assault, and it is wrong and irresponsible to conflate claims of impolitic behavior or consensual sexual contact later regretted, with an untrue claim of criminal conduct.
Having witnessed so many uproars - over provocative remarks, outlandish behavior, impolitic actions - "nothing seems scandalous anymore," Brown said.
They were very unwise to throw their lot in with ISIS and al-Qaeda -- which most of the Sunni fighters in Syria did in the end, though it is impolitic to say so in public -- and they are now paying a heavy price for that mistake.
He was obviously obsessed with politics, but was frequently impolitic in his statements.
It is impolitic to say so publicly, but I looked forward to the opportunity to examine Nunn-McCurdy programs and determine what caused their cost, schedule and performance shortfalls.
That it was Zaki, not the Saudi health ministry, who revealed the existence of the new SARS-like virus turned out to be impolitic.
Stanley McCrystal was fired in 2010 by Obama as commander in Afghanistan after his staff made impolitic remarks to a Rolling Stone reporter, Petraeus was brought in to replace him.
But it also would be impolitic for Brown to appear to be prematurely grabbing the reins, they said.
Apart from some nihil laryngitis, my last job left no impolitic lint on my aspirations.
As significant as the financial losses are, the release of embarrassing or impolitic correspondence can result in reputational damage that will poison many future deals.