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a discourteous manner that ignores accepted social usage

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Impoliteness and conversational joking: On relational politics.
In sum, impoliteness is not taught but it remains a remarkable linguistic phenomenon that deserves, as pointed out by Kerbrat-Orecchioni (2010), to be subjected to the rigors of full examination.
This state of impoliteness and rudeness which violates the universal ethical code and principles should be stopped immediately.
A Genre Approach to Impoliteness in a Spanish Television Talk Show: Evidence from Corpus-Based Analysis, Questionnaires and Focus Groups.
Impoliteness will not be tolerated and bad-tempered wardens will be fined for being rude to the citizens or drivers, he added.
The degree of banter/mock impoliteness expressed by Australian and English men, for example, does not differ and that the targets of abuse in such exchanges are similar in both cultures, suggesting that neither culture -or, at least, men in these cultures- takes itself seriously (Haugh & Bousfield, 2012).
of Memphis, US) contains 18 chapters, the first nine of which address theoretical approaches to politeness and impoliteness, to interpersonal interpretation (with insights drawn from communication studies and social cognitive linguistics, and to the negotiation of identity and gender.
As for customs and traditions, then it is they who have undermined them with their impoliteness and exaggerations.
36) After Marlow learns the truth about Liberty Hall and Kate, he moves beyond his frightened ceremonial gestures and confident impoliteness toward such harmony.
Of the almost 300 complaints against officers, the most common related to "incivility, impoliteness and intolerance" (21%) and "lack of fairness and impartiality" (18.
net impoliteness and intolerance complaints made against them - with 283 people saying they were discontent with the service they received.
Our investigation, using the Freedom of Information Act, show complaints against officers range from incidents of impoliteness and swearing, to investigations over improper sexual conduct and assault by North East police officers.
I hope they won't lose valued customers just because of the arrogance and impoliteness of their staff.
A fifth of all cases against officers were over issues of incivility and impoliteness, and 18 per cent over claims of neglect of duty, according to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.