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Synonyms for impolite

Synonyms for impolite

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not polite


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There was an impolite and sneering scepticism in his words and manner that secretly pleased most of them at the table, though it seemed to bother Bishop Morehouse.
But it is very impolite to open other people's letters.
It was sad to see him corroded with suspicion, and yet not daring to be impolite, in case these well-dressed people were honest after all.
I'm nearly as impolite and disagreeable and ill-mannered as these two old Knickerbocker gents on each side of me that can't sleep of nights because I bought in between 'em.
Come," she said, "it is very impolite of you to talk in riddles before my face.
It's very impolite, I know, but I came to see my poor Sophronia, my only friend.
It must have been an enormous relief that Prince Philip did not follow up his initial outburst with an impolite question, such as: "Where's my f.
It is our right to reply to what Prime Minister Tammam Salam had said when he described us as impolite," Bassil told a news conference today.
Would it be impolite to ask what the police actually do these days.
Across England and Wales, the most common complaints involve allegations that an officer has been neglectful or failed in their duty, or that an officer's behaviour has been uncivil, impolite or intolerant.
The article goes on to explain that it is considered thoughtless and impolite behaviour to argue and speak loudly in a public place where many people have gathered.
By avoiding a healthy discourse on political issues, on national agenda, and instead concentrating on the subjects that are of no relevance today and then by use of impolite language, I think some people, because of their feudal mindset, are trying to be a monarch in the democracy," said Jaitley.
Can you remind yourself it's impolite to be late because just as your time is valuable other people's time is, too?
He confirmed that his ministry's teams will never tamper with the privacy of any business or commit impolite behavior while doing their job.
Qasim has a good command of English and says he occasionally reads impolite words on his clothing but that most of the writing encourages love, beauty and coexistence.