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Synonyms for implore



Synonyms for implore

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for implore

call upon in supplication

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Finding a terrified Marta, Billy and Eva implore her to come with them to safety.
I implore anyone wishing to purchase any large breed of dog to research the breed, ensure that the puppy comes from a good, registered breeder and that they have the capability to handle and control the dog at all times.
As OWI's link to the anti-hunting entity became known, numerous pro-hunting groups urged their members to enlighten OWI officials about AHA's stance and implore OWI to exclude AHA from the rebate offer.
Physicians implore diabetes patients to monitor their blood concentrations of glucose and keep them in check.
Catholic hierarchy should implore forgiveness from lesbians and homosexuals.
After an introduction concerned with how God communicates with man, the role played by the "witnesses of the truth" throughout Christian history, and the problem of the Trinity, the work depicts several scenes in which God presides over an assembly of heavenly elders who implore his intercession to prevent the harm to true believers caused by those who subscribe to the Trinity.
We implore the Federal Housing Finance Board to stop trying to fix something that isn't broken.
to implore God for the gift of mutual understanding, harmony and peace" (John Paul II, Nov.
Thus, character-merchandising is used by manufacturers to trigger a response among children, who then implore their parents to buy on their behalf.
We call on people of faith to welcome the strangers among us as our neighbors and we implore our national legislators to give us a law that reforms immigration in a way that protects human dignity and promotes the common good," said the statement, signed by Bishops leading all 12 Roman Catholic dioceses in California.
With less than a month left in the tenure of the outgoing, lame-duck City Council, we implore its members to do what they do best: nothing.