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It was a separate partnership that did not show up on the financial statements of the Implode Corporation even though Implode owns 80 percent of it.
The blue of the blue states stands for them holding their breath and waiting for the other side to implode.
Tiny gas bubbles swell and then implode with a fury now revealed to be extreme enough to strip electrons from atoms trapped in the collapse.
American culture, mixed with Brazil's, completely formed the way I am, and I've always felt the need to implode that influence--eat, digest, and vomit it back where it came from, avaf and many of my contemporaries are bored with the personality-driven art world that Warhol so famously embodied.
But the tone switches back to tragic when the father's liberating crises of faith implode into a sacrifice worthy of the most ingenious literary Christ figure.
It also reported that his former rival for the Democratic nomination, General Wesley Clark, told reporters last week: 'Kerry will implode over an intern issue.
But when markets turn bearish, "it is these very same companies that disproportionately implode.
Outside the entertainment industry, said Abel Alcocer, labor analyst with the EDD, as long as the real estate market doesn't implode, the job market should remain steady.
For the Conservatives, the six-million-dollar question is - did their election campaign implode when they were endorsed by Busted, or did Busted implode when they endorsed the Conservatives?
We've consciously learned and incorporated strategies from a lot of art-historical sources," he stated from the dais of a 1986 panel entitled "From Criticism to Complicity": "[W]e're now able to step back and merge, in fact to implode a variety of different strategies and epistemologies into the total art object.
On November 6, 2005 the Memphis Bioworks Foundation will implode a 924,000-square-foot building, the largest implosion to occur in the United States this year.
Scientists believe these bursts occur when huge stars implode to form a black hole.
Faster than you can say "Adam and Steve," all parties implode under stresses peculiar to homos who get hitched.
The family, of course, only too often throws a wet blanket on the fire of sexuality, but in the triptych of photographs that comprise the centerpiece of Harris' exhibit, the two implode into one another in a seeming literalization of brotherly love.
In 2005 Wales won their first Grand Slam in 27 years but last year saw Wales implode after a catalogue of injuries and Mike Ruddock's departure.