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tending to suggest or imply


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As criteria for metaphysics, then, "coherent" and "adequate" are finally two ways of defining the same system of necessarily true existential statements: a coherent system of such statements is applicable to any conceivable item of experience, and all statements within an adequate such system are mutually implicative.
A similar trend was seen by Devi et al8 with anticonvulsants being the commonest implicative drug group (53%) and carbamazepine the major culprit drug (81%).
Like Zaira, Eutropia and Adelma, the city of Clarice also perpetuates the theme of 'eternal present,' of course in a way that looks indirect, implicative and suggestive.
Li, "Fuzzy Boolean and positive implicative filters of BL-algebras," Fuzzy Sets and Systems, vol.
The implicative judgments tested by the logic, constitute only a part of structures that are called conventional.
In this case, it is not about a situation of corporative commodity characterized popularly as "privilege of public official" to indicate prerogatives and one type of behavior not well engaged with service but, on contrary, the employment bond which nature is given by public competition presents, in these circumstances, as a guarantee of implicative and active exercise of function like it can be exemplified in the next speech of a City Professional:
Different matters of human sexuality have also been discussed by the Muslim Jurists about the implicative aspects of human reproduction /sexuality such as marriage, divorce, rearing of children, inheritance, conjugal relations,Taharat, etc.
We have prepared some implicative questions to help in the design of a youth-driven YAP as part of project-based instruction in agricultural education.
L'invitation conviviale qui se veut implicative et interpelante, rompait toutes les dispositions preetablies et trompait toute attitude figee.
In a competitive world, we want to stand out but people need to be thoughtful about what they're portraying and position their services so they don't make an implicative representation that they're doing something more," Evans said.
Thus, several representative and implicative decisions of the Court are selected in a time period from 1992 to 2011.
If the action exercise simulation results in situation close to the goal one by its contents, there is formation of a link in the behavior chain under the condition of implicative solving rule [S.
It is the contextual meaning or implicative force of an utte rance.
Superbly acted and elegantly constructed and shot, Norte differs from Diaz's first telling of Crime and Punishment in the aggressive Criminal of Barrio Concepcion, replacing its zooms-and-music style with an implicative sound design that refuses nondiegetic music, and discreet camerawork that obscures much of the savagery.
Moore's critical self-gaze, Atayurt reveals, is "in fact implicative of a social gaze that represents her culture's views on 'excessive' embodiment", so her gaze, Atayurt suggests is an "inspecting gaze"--"the index of her dislike of her body" signifying a critique of contemporary American bodily ideals (182).