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Synonyms for implicative

tending to suggest or imply


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Suppose F is a positive implicative filter and for any x, y [member of] A, y [right arrow] x [member of] F.
In [3, 6, 7, 8], these scholars applied the concept of fuzzy sets to lattice implication algebras and proposed the notions of fuzzy filters and fuzzy implicative filters, which properties and structures were studied.
76) Since, then, satisfying rights-based duties will be relative to prevailing political, social, and cultural circumstances, we may ask: of the set of policies deemed reasonable, which will best satisfy the mutually implicative basic rights of the most vulnerable?
In view of the growing importance of the concept of the reversed hazard function, Chandra and Roy [4] examined some result on implicative relationship in the context of the monotonic behavior of reversed hazard function.
They postulate a general principle governing some discrepancies between Chinese and English lexicalization which states that while English has implicative action verbs such as kill, find, and learn, (9) which imply an attainment of a certain goal, their correspondences in Chinese must be expressed by means of verb compounds in which the first element indicates the action and the second one indicates the attainment of the goal of the action which is the resulting state.
And the endings are as implicative and open-ended as all artistic writing should be.
Unless we can answer this question in the affirmative, we cannot use strict implicative arguments of eq.
It is precisely into this nationalist tension between absolvatory and implicative (dis)acknowledgment that the Abu Ghraib prison photographs were released in April 2004.
The questions may be said to be relevance implicative, as they are designed to propose that the sitter should be able to recognize the relevance of the referent(s) of the question: that the sitter is likely to suffer from rib pain, or does indeed suffer from menstrual problems, or is going traveling; or that someone known to the sitter has got debts, or is pregnant, or is called Steve, David, or Bill.
And, in so "describing" it, he exhibits or de-picts the formal graphematics of the text, the very dynamics or implicative "texture" out of which, as Blanchot put it, aletheia must emerge.
It is implicative that indigenous knowledge system and traditional survival strategies should be adequately valued.
Further work includes taking a closer look at implicative statistical analysis and study how it could complement our present work.
La methodologie centrale de ce projet de recherche est l'ethnographie (Clifford et Marcus 1986 ; LeCompte et Preissle 1993 ; Marcus 1998 ; Paille 1998) a reference implicative (Kohn et Negre 1991) avec une sensibilite interactionniste (Goffman 1973) et un effort, malgre les contingences d'un milieu caracterise par la precarite, la mobilite des acteurs, la fragilite et la brievete des projets, de proceder a l'analyse par theorisation ancree (Paille 1994, 1996).
Not only are scientific truths logically unproven, they also lack certainty in any other sense--inductive, empirical, scientific or implicative.
A promoter analysis for NF-[kappa]B binding sites on those upregulated genes identified in this study may provide implicative information on gene regulation by arsenic exposure.