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Our coreligionists are spread throughout the defense industry, designing, building and marketing some of the most destructive implements of war in the history of the universe.
Rather than spending money on implements of war, feed your people, provide education and healthcare, and lift your people out of poverty and isolation," U.
There are larger implements of war, too, including an American B-25 bomber.
The ATF has announced enhancements to its eForm6 system, which permits importers to electronically file ATF Form 6 Part I, Application and Permit for Importation of Firearms, Ammunition, and Implements of War, with ATF's Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch.
Opening this first issue is Carl James Grindley's "Arms and the Man: The Curious Inaccuracy of Medieval Arms and Armor in Contemporary Film," an intriguing examination of the ways in which several films have depicted the implements of war of medieval Europe.
I cursed at the grenades and other implements of war hanging from my belt and digging into my flesh.
These words proclaim what kind of king God in Christ is for us--a king who destroys the implements of war so that we need not fear any earthly king, a king who is exalted finally among all the nations, in the whole earth.
Using their squawk, I identified it as Reach, a C-17 cargo jet, undoubtedly ferrying implements of war to and from the front.
relating to the traffic in arms, ammunition, and implements of war and such traffic in other goods and materials as is carried on directly for the purpose of supplying a military establishment (or) taken in time of war or other emergency in international relations.
With customary efficiency, the country had turned to the pursuits of peace -- disbanding its forces and breaking up the implements of war.
In each case he is content to describe the various implements of war and show how they changed over time.
When will we hear of "zero tolerance" for those who make war or the implements of war, withhold food from the starving, impose genetically altered seeds on poor farmers, or attempt to "privatize" our land and water for money?