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Synonyms for implant

Synonyms for implant

to fix (an idea, for example) in someone's mind by reemphasis and repetition

Synonyms for implant

fix or set securely or deeply

become attached to and embedded in the uterus

Related Words

put firmly in the mind

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Jones, you are very lucky to have the opportunity to replace your teeth with implant dentistry.
Investment casting allows designers to integrate many features into components (such as screw holes) that otherwise would have to be machined, This then follows that implant designers have freedom with investment casting to produce a variety of shapes and sizes to fit unique human bone structures.
An alternative breast implant can only be made available through an IDE clinical study.
The most riveting presentation of the day was on breast implants.
The experience with and the debate over the silicone gel breast implant underscores the fact that precious little can be assumed with even the seemingly most simple device.
Deaf since birth, Rachel was one of the first toddlers to receive a cochlear implant.
In the end, the report makes some proposals for a new project of Dental Implant Industry and a new project of Dental Implant Industry before evaluating its feasibility.
to resume sales of silicone implants, which were banned in 1992 over concerns that they contributed to painful and serious medical disorders.
Even when oral antibiotics work and the implant can remain in place, this treatment is a far-from-perfect solution, says Bryers.
The implant is placed in a manner similar to the one described above.
10] The conclusion was that there was no increased risk of defined connective tissue diseases among the implant recipients.
Financially, it's unclear where the bankruptcy leaves implant claimants.
Marc Robins, founder of Catalyst, stated, "We have monitored the operating progress of Implant Sciences for nearly a year and we believe it is on the cusp of a new era for shareholders.
Presentation: Breast Implant Update--New Technology in Breast ProsthesesDate: October 16, 2015 Time: 11 a.