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Synonyms for implacable

Synonyms for implacable

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incapable of being placated

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This blind, dumb, implacable, eternal, unreasoning force is well shown in the picture, and the absolute subordination of all men and things to it is so well expressed that the idea unconsciously arises in the mind of anyone who looks at it.
War, too, would follow - civil war, implacable in its nature
A FARMER who had a deadly and implacable hatred against a certain Fox, caught him and tied some tow to his tail; then carrying him to the centre of his own grain-field, set the tow on fire and let the animal go.
Sir, I beg leave to point out that I have set on foot an implacable odour.
John May was of a morose and surly disposition, not easily moved to anger, but having an uncommon gift of sullen, implacable hate.
Impey Barbicane was a man of forty years of age, calm, cold, austere; of a singularly serious and self-contained demeanor, punctual as a chronometer, of imperturbable temper and immovable character; by no means chivalrous, yet adventurous withal, and always bringing practical ideas to bear upon the very rashest enterprises; an essentially New Englander, a Northern colonist, a descendant of the old anti-Stuart Roundheads, and the implacable enemy of the gentlemen of the South, those ancient cavaliers of the mother country.
She was so desirous of often seeing him, and discovered such satisfaction and delight in his company, that before he was eighteen years old he was become a rival to both Square and Thwackum; and what is worse, the whole country began to talk as loudly of her inclination to Tom, as they had before done of that which she had shown to Square: on which account the philosopher conceived the most implacable hatred for our poor heroe.
The men voted her "the funniest and jolliest ever," but the sniffs on the top step and the lower step were implacable.
I did not see into the eyes of Leach, for he was looking at Wolf Larsen, the old and implacable snarl of hatred strong as ever on his face.
Her iron-grey hair hung in heavy bands on either side of her face--her dark eyes looked straight forward, with a hard, defiant, implacable stare.
The tone of her voice was as hard, as defiant, as implacable as the expression of her eyes.
Not a muscle of her stirred--the hard, defiant, implacable stare in her eyes never wavered for an instant.
Les services de la wilaya ont souligne leur volonte a mener une lutte implacable contre de tels comportements.
His Highness the Amir reiterated Kuwait's implacable stance against terrorism in all its shapes and forms, stressing Kuwait's penchant to stand by the international community to stamp out this universal scourge.
According to the details, an implacable man in Gujranwala threw acid on his wife and minor son for demanding divorce.