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Synonyms for implacable

Synonyms for implacable

Antonyms for implacable

incapable of being placated

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But it is whispered that when he is most ferocious towards his old foe, he is really most considerate, and that Sir Leicester, in the dignity of being implacable, little supposes how much he is humoured.
John May was of a morose and surly disposition, not easily moved to anger, but having an uncommon gift of sullen, implacable hate.
Her iron-grey hair hung in heavy bands on either side of her face--her dark eyes looked straight forward, with a hard, defiant, implacable stare.
The tone of her voice was as hard, as defiant, as implacable as the expression of her eyes.
Not a muscle of her stirred--the hard, defiant, implacable stare in her eyes never wavered for an instant.
They had furious contests with England for the dominion of the sea, and were among the most persevering and most implacable of the opponents of Louis XIV.
Implacable Foes: War in the Pacific, 1944-1945, Waldo Heinrichs and Marc Gallicchio, Oxford University Press, 728 pages
Discovering the fabled city of Atlantis was just the beginning for Nina Wilde and her ex-SAS husband Eddie Chase; for the sake of humankind, they must race against implacable enemies to uncover the truth about the legend of King Midas.
Implacable Foes explores anew the final phase of the Pacific war, from the beginning of 1944 through Japan's capitulation in summer 1945.
LAHORE -- Police officers have arrested an implacable boy for badly injuring his sister in the name of honor in Lahore's Shahdara Town.
En las altas esferas del mundo politico y empresarial, Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain), una implacable y ambiciosa ejecutiva, tiene una reputacion formidable.
LAHORE -- A domestic child maid was allegedly tortured to death on Saturday by implacable owners in Lahore's Model Town area.
SHEIKHUPURA -- An implacable person tortured to death his wife over domestic disputes here on Thursday.
Who played the implacable policeman, Javert, in the 2013 film of Les Miserables?
Une lutte implacable est menee contre la contrebande de drogue et de produits spiritueux.