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Forgacs aims in his oeuvre to arrive at similar implacability by visual means in order to make these suppressed and silenced subjects a part of Hungarian and European collective memory (following cultural icons like Martin Buber and Claude Levi-Strauss, Forgacs received the Erasmus Prize "awarded to a person or institution which has made an exceptionally important contribution to culture in Europe" in 2007 (<http://www.
Bingham's style here occasionally recalls the mellifluousness of Dukas, the boat-swaying of Rachmaninov's 'Isle of the Dead', and, above all, the implacability of Sibelius' 'Tapiola' -- all of them good role-models which Bingham has woven into a gripping score delivered with persuasive commitment here.
Fundamentally an optimist, he sees laughter--and love, for him inevitably linked to death--as a balm for the existential despair that is our lot: we are born to die, victims of the implacability of time, the relentlessness of entropy, and the caprices of chance.
There are powerful performances from Jonny Phillips as a misguided Siward, Siobhan Redmond as an impenetrable queen Gruach and Brian Ferguson who trots out the most outrageous views with a calm implacability.
But McGoogan gives colourful illustration to a trait common to many of the Scots in his book: relentless implacability.
WRITING A MEMOIR is fundamentally a ritualizing experience, a literary rite-of-passage that tends to occur when a writer is facing--and challenging thereby--the implacability of mortality.
64) The unique metre of the Neobule poem (ionic a minore) serves to emphasise the underlying implacability of this stock literary situation.
The essay is narrated in his unique style, which somehow manages to combine the implacability of Cato the Elder with the prophetic precision of Cassandra.
The country's lack of self-confidence is in stark contrast to the implacability of its Islamist terrorist enemy, within and without.
The XDm 9 ground through the ammunition I had on hand with IRS-like implacability.
When reality intrudes into his life in the guise of Elena's family, he wields his cultivation like a weapon to deflect the implacability of their rage.
At times, such implacability served Mulroney well--his admirable role in the international assault on apartheid, for instance--but in the end one senses that the style contributed to the catastrophic disintegration of the Conservative Party in the early 1990s.
In this series, mainly a travel diary of sorts, though there's definitely a hint of personal jihad as well, Shah incorporates her own photographs as well as found imagery to resolve inner conflict and dislocation through great effort, in this case by a kind of sacred quest into the dark heart of religious implacability, filling the intense void (one could almost say, gross avoidance) with an array of personal memories, experiences, and past surroundings.
Despite its pitched love story and occasional campy detail, this is a rich, dark account of the implacability of religious war.
Her Myrtha's condemnation of Hilarion chills the marrow in its implacability.