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rash impulsiveness


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Chaereas and Charmides were one-time friends who turned out to be villains; by contrast, Kallisthenes is revealed as a decent chap once his youthful impetuousness has been overcome--and once it becomes expedient to marry him into the family.
that the Music Director had covered like that of Bayreuth, brooded with dark impetuousness and urgency.
Joint traits for both genders include wisdom, sensitivity (self-pity, sadness, empathy), stubbornness, good-hearted, shyness, impetuousness, happiness, and hedonism.
at 570-71 (discussing the diminished culpability of juveniles in light of their established lack of maturity, their impetuousness, and their recklessness); see also J.
Last week I read in The Examiner that Almondbury Children's Centre wants an experienced plotter to help with a community allotment funded by Kirklees Council and the part of me that is in denial about my impetuousness thought, impetuously, 'I could do that'.
110) The virtual social identity widely ascribed to black people--of criminality, impetuousness, promiscuity, stupidity, sloth--obscures and sublimates black individuals' actual identity, undermining individuality.
Escalante has fine moments, particularly in the balcony scene, where she hits just the right balance of dreamy longing and adolescent impetuousness.
James's torment and impetuousness is well described, his character becoming more sympathetic and believable as the story reaches its conclusion.
Agamemnon tries to calm him by counselling patience and says that his impetuousness is inherited from his father.
His fearless opposition to the soul-killing aspects of American history and culture, his work as an ambassador of poetry, and his great curiosity and impetuousness as an advocate of consciousness raising--they have resulted in great achievements.
So Elinor's function is essentially intermediary, placing her throughout between her mother and the financial exigencies she has difficulty comprehending, between her sister and the consequences of her impetuousness, and even between Edward and his fiancee, Lucy, when they meet unexpectedly in London.
Given his well-known traits of impetuousness and impulsivity, they find it difficult to see him as a responsible captain.
He's really matured as a player and shaken off the impetuousness of his younger years," The Sun quoted Shilton, as saying.
In fact these are probably being recorded at the right time in an artist's career, when wisdom triumphs over youthful impetuousness.
It prompted him to see wisdom win out over impetuousness, and allowed him to avoid a repeat of the gamble of ruling a country full of contradictions.