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Synonyms for impertinently

in an impudent or impertinent manner

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It is neither acceptable nor justifiable in any way for the Belgian prime minister to presume impertinently to pass a judgment on an issue over which there has never been a judicial decision or academic consensus, and although he himself conceded that no competent international court has ever ruled on it.
Armed with a thick Hungarian accent meant to charm the ladies, he impertinently flirts with Corie until she conceives the idea of setting him up with her mother.
Some neighbours started fires within Syria whilst others recruited terrorists from around the globe -- and here we are confronted with shockingly farcical double standards: 83 nationalities are fighting in Syria - nobody denounces this, nobody condemns it, nobody reconsiders their position - and they impertinently continue to call it a glorious SYRIAN Revolution
What else, then, you expect if not an Indian army chief being impertinently arrogant, blusterous and a bully?
never kalew:"--while contrary to the poet, the sages do impertinently ask the rhodora why she wastes her charms upon the earth and sky.
All of us, confronted with the Son of Man, who will one day return in judgment, all of us start to shudder when we see what it means to have asked, perhaps a little impertinently, "What is man?
One should not overlook that even when Sarah impertinently answered back British interrogations, deep down she was an anxious girl.
Thank you 1000 times for all the pleasure I have derived from your great kindness in having taken me at my word when I so impertinently asked you to translate the play into English for me[.
North, Wastle, Tickler, Morris, Lauerwinkel, Kempferhausen, [DELTA], Odoherty, the two Mullions, the Shepherd, the Dentist, and others equally with their own names, were all most impertinently declared anonymous by persons of whom the world know not the appellatives even unto this day.
Even if Joyce himself had praised it, Beckett had absolutely refused to open it, from a sense of loyalty to the Master whom the young whippersnapper, aspirant to great things, had somewhat impertinently dismissed (to Sam's face) as "that refurbisher of skivvies' stories" A sally that might have gone down well in the Palace or the Pearl Bar but failed to amuse Beckett.
They are people who are impertinently calling on the international community to freeze its assets and sever its relations with Lebanon," Bassil said.
Though yet, if I shall seem to have spoken anything more boldly or impertinently than I ought, be pleased to consider that not only Folly but a woman said it; remembering in the meantime that Greek proverb, "Sometimes a fool may speak a word in season," unless perhaps you expect an epilogue, but give me leave to tell you you are mistaken if you think I remember anything of what I have said, having foolishly bolted out such a hodgepodge of words.
But while the earlier and more southern stage generally stands apart from the large neighboring buildings, even as it passes under them, the newly unveiled segment skirts so close to the generally diminutive buildings in its stretch that the idle stroller can peer impertinently into the windows of the inhabitants.