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Synonyms for impertinent

Synonyms for impertinent

Synonyms for impertinent

characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality

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not pertinent to the matter under consideration

improperly forward or bold

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1936), based on the 1931 Chancery Act, the Florida Supreme Court held that a 58-page exhibit--while potentially admissible as evidence--was not material and violated the rule requiring a statement of the claim in "as brief and succinct terms as reasonably practicable, and shall contain no unnecessary recitals of documents in haec verba, or other irrelevant, redundant, or impertinent matter not relevant to the suit, and that no papers shall be unnecessarily annexed as exhibits.
The impertinent self; a heroic history of modernity and film.
No, they'll be filling their elastic-banded boots at Weitrose with the newly affordable partridge breast and celeriac vol-au-vents, all washed down with an impertinent little Bourgeuil.
Again, the allegro giocoso was full of life and, in many ways, quite impertinent.
One night in 1943, cartoonist Ted Key had a dream about a bossy, impertinent maid.
It seems impertinent to ask Maffre if she ever wanted to do anything else but dance, a passion that has suffused her limbs since she pestered her mother to take ballet class like her sister.
Councilman Bernard Parks said that although some of speakers' language is protected by the First Amendment, the council will begin trying to enforce some rules to prohibit ``personal, impertinent (or) unduly repetitive .
According to DiLorenzo, famed abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison certainly understood Lincoln's intentions to colonize blacks in other lands when Garrison declared, "President Lincoln may colonize himself if he choose, but it is an impertinent act, on his part, to propose the getting rid of those who are as good as himself.
silence--though anything like thanking, on the other hand, would be too awful & impertinent, & not what one wants to do anyway.
They are never sufficient to the question, and they're always a little impertinent, I think, because they claim for God a place within our conceptual grasp.
When the four are together, God sees the girl's questions as impertinent and intrusive, while the Serpent sees them as intriguing and important.
But if, in the voice of the impertinent youngest child at the Passover table, we ask Kawara, "Why is this night (or day) different from all others?
Conversely, when you attempt to overload an athletic skill with impertinent resistance (e.
The coincidence of programming has provided the Dell'Arte company an opportunity to issue an impertinent challenge to their Midwestern cohorts.
Punctuality is often not considered a virtue, and many cultures consider individuals who are preoccupied with timeliness to be impulsive or impertinent.