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Synonyms for impersonation

Synonyms for impersonation

pretending to be another person

imitating the mannerisms of another person

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au , Lauren O'Brien revealed that she started to do impersonations when she was a little kid.
But none of that will put off the Britannia faithful, who took to the internet to sell 'Do the Wenger' T-shirts and organise a new round of impersonations for today.
will spend a year in jail for using the Emirati woman's identity, impersonation and obstructing justice.
He was released on bail on a charge of criminal impersonation.
So it never feels like you're just doing an impersonation.
Emmy Award-winning Tracey Ullman brings her signature brand of spot-on impersonation and comic to State Of The Union, a new sketch comedy series every Tuesday at 7pm from October 7 that takes a satirical look at a day in the life of America.
Middlesex illegal immigrant Palwinder Singh Johal was jailed for two years for impersonation.
Summary: Bishop Gregoire Haddad issued a statement on Wednesday, condemning the impersonation and acts of forgery committed against him and warning the Lebanese against falling victims to such a "criminal project.
It didn't feel like an impersonation because Dusty's records are not as well known as the greatest hits of Sinatra and Lionel.
The question was answered at the opening weekend of ``Beehive:'' VMT's got six kickin' singers -- one a former ``American Idol'' contestant -- prancing their way through a catalog of 1960s girl-group songs that walks a very fine line between tribute and impersonation.
NEW YORK -- Last month, when Jake Duncombe performed over US airspace a sexually-explicit in-flight impersonation of a kangaroo, he found himself in federal aviation custody.
The gay sensibility is brought home by author James McCourt, Charles Busch, and a gem of a clip of Charles Pierce doing his famous impersonation.
From Marlon Brando's impersonation of black performers in A Streetcar Named Desire, to the demystification of whiteness in Fargo, to the drastic reversal of black and white roles in He Got Game, we can see this influence working clearly.
Double agency; acts of impersonation in Asian American literature and culture.
Warhol's machine impersonation was not fated to last.