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Synonyms for impersonate




Synonyms for impersonate

to represent oneself in a given character or as other than what one is

Synonyms for impersonate

assume or act the character of

represent another person with comic intentions

Related Words

pretend to be someone you are not

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Her role was one of being one of a number of women recruited to impersonate Carole Waugh.
His alter ego was comedian Kuo Tse-chien, who impersonates politicos on hit talkshow spoof "Chuan Ming Luan Jiang," which loosely translates as "Let's All Talk Nonsense.
Eight celebs are challenged to impersonate famous international singers and nail their looks, voices and expressions, all for the chance of winning $5000 for their chosen charity.
We did not impersonate any police personnel or threaten them with any weapon.
Gloucester magistrates yesterday cleared Mr Duka of letting "Mr X" impersonate him.
Tom is recruited by M15 to impersonate Earl in order to get some information from a captured German spy, possibly concerning microfilm about an imminent attack on the US.
But now the 39-year-old admits that he has run out of people to impersonate and ways of making fun of his regular targets.
Surprisingly, the only newcomer is American eyecandy Caprice who, perhaps fortunately, gets to impersonate NancySinatra, a singer more famous for her name than her talent.
US prosecutors said Sarah Mitchell (50) planned to impersonate her murdered 52-year-old sister Stevie Allman, an anti-drug crusader, to withdraw money from her trust accounts.
Murray, who plays the role of Josie, asked her to impersonate the person on her left, which was Reinhart.
London, Jan 5 ( ANI ): Internet search giant Google has fixed a security lapse that could have allowed hackers to impersonate its social networking site Google+.
People who impersonate police officers are referred to the criminal court for prosecution.