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The question is whether consequentialism can accommodate this intuition without sacrificing its core commitments: the agent-neutral conception of value, the teleological conception of reasons (according to which practical reasons are reasons to bring about valuable states of affairs), and the maximizing view (according to which agents are required to bring about the impersonally best outcome).
Surrounded by pro collaborators including cinematographer Elliot Davis ("The Iron Lady") and editor Lee Percy ("Boys Don't Cry"), Stark directs competently but impersonally in the manner one used to derisively call "TV-style," before so much of TV became more cinematic than the movies.
When used in the past, the verb kan is used either in agreement with the logical subject or impersonally.
610) indicated that the notion of professionalism does seem to be a more impersonally regulated concept and often has been structured in terms of serving others beyond self-interest.
When we do join in, we do so impersonally and often without thought, having already made up our minds.
Gently and impersonally steering the reader through the queen's life would be the editors, who chose the appropriate letters, and the appropriate parts of those letters.
Her small body encased in tremendous sunlight seemed to throb with an intense vitality, impersonally responding to heat, scent, and color.
In Green Hills of Africa especially he depicts animals in Flaubertian style: impersonally but accurately.
It is the idiosyncrasy of Davis's paintings--the sense that they have personality, that they are deeply emotional, however impersonally they were constructed--that saves them from elegant sterility.
his experiences that bore the taint of German antisemitism both impersonally, the Hep-Hep riots (1819), and more personally, the denial of the directorship of the Berlin Singakademie (1832), and
Military conditioning thereby adds another layer to thinking impersonally of others.
All the faces looked at Patton impersonally, as if waiting for him to join them.
There is a lot to be gained from actually working on projects rather than trying to ' buy' a clean conscience by impersonally donating money," says Ramji.
She reminds us that, however impersonally institutions may wish to present themselves, they are composed of individuals who possess subjectivity and hence the capacity for moral choice.