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Gently and impersonally steering the reader through the queen's life would be the editors, who chose the appropriate letters, and the appropriate parts of those letters.
When an interchange occurs to reveal their feelings for each other, it does so through indirection, as in Natalia's unflattering description of her husband before a guest: "I want to put it in general terms," she begins placing an emphasis on the impersonally broad nature of their union, "there are some people utterly heartless and devoid of feeling, yet they can't leave others alone in their misery, but interfere because they're afraid of those others being able to get on without them.
A Note on the Methodology Used and How It Affects the Results Other research has shown that when replying to a question administered impersonally by a computer, people are less likely to say they believe in God, or attend Church services when they really don't.
In Green Hills of Africa especially he depicts animals in Flaubertian style: impersonally but accurately.
It is the idiosyncrasy of Davis's paintings--the sense that they have personality, that they are deeply emotional, however impersonally they were constructed--that saves them from elegant sterility.
The young person's identity is given simply as rich, just as sexual identities can be given impersonally as heterosexual, homosexual, or transsexual in disregard of "the eternal reality of man and woman in God" and its corporeal iconography.
Military conditioning thereby adds another layer to thinking impersonally of others.
All the faces looked at Patton impersonally, as if waiting for him to join them.
15) But to follow Anchises's instruction and spare Turnus would be to act impersonally (Putnam 2011:114).
In these silent portraits in profile, those captured within them are offered to the viewer "as items of information, objects of contemplation, impersonally as though they were specimens in a display case.
There is a lot to be gained from actually working on projects rather than trying to ' buy' a clean conscience by impersonally donating money," says Ramji.
Outside of memoirs or biographies, a literary scholar's citizenly responsibility to writers, including living ones, is probably to treat them impersonally.
Siderits thinks verse 22 supports determinism: we do not get angry at impersonally caused things, and others' behavior is impersonally caused.
That is also the case if one accepts Nagel's claim that to examine a life sub specie aeternitatis is to examine it externally, impersonally, and objectively: life can be evaluated as meaningful also under these perspectives if the standards of meaningfulness we adopt are not overly challenging.