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Synonyms for impersonal

Synonyms for impersonal

feeling or showing no strong emotional involvement

Synonyms for impersonal

not relating to or responsive to individual persons


having no personal preference


References in classic literature ?
This was human actual social; this was of the world he had lived in, and he was more at his ease certainly for the countenance, coldly general and impersonal, that all the while and in spite of his detachment it seemed to give him.
Other farms he regarded as foreign countries, their owners with impersonal suspicion.
If I claim full justice for my art, it is because it is an impersonal thing--a thing beyond myself.
For Horne Fisher was remarkable for a curious impersonal information and interest touching all sorts of topics, so that one could sometimes fancy that his culture, like his colorless, fair mustache and pale, drooping features, had the neutral nature of a chameleon.
Skimpole, addressing us, his new friends, in an impersonal manner.
But I wished to tell him that I had done it; and in truth I was not more than pleasurably afraid; I had rather that impersonal curiosity as to the issue which has been the saving of me in still more precarious situations.
It seemed to her that there was something amateurish in bringing love into touch with a perfectly straightforward friendship, such as hers was with Ralph, which, for two years now, had based itself upon common interests in impersonal topics, such as the housing of the poor, or the taxation of land values.
In three minutes she was deep in a very difficult, very classical fugue in A, and over her face came a queer remote impersonal expression of complete absorption and anxious satisfaction.
He vehemently contended for her innocence, and the remote impersonal passion for her beauty which he had felt before, had passed now into personal devotion, and tender thought of her lot.
I feel a terror of action and am only at ease in the impersonal, disinterested, and objective line of thought.
He studied the passers-by with ah air of impersonal but pleased interest.
He found himself wondering, in an impersonal sort of way, that these things should so little affect him.
Always an interested observer of women, Wilson would have slackened his pace anywhere to follow this one with his impersonal, appreciative glance.
You have a nurse who is an impersonal creature--a shadow among shadows; a voice to speak to you, and a hand to help you, and nothing more.
Moreover, I was an irreclaimable sentimentalist, and found a subtle charm in an impersonal and spiritual relation which acquaintance might vulgarize and marriage would certainly dispel.