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preventing especially liquids to pass or diffuse through

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Totally impermeable (plastic) film (TIF): A relatively new barrier, TIF has been shown to be the most effective in fumigant retention.
Tests and practice have proven that the material overcomes typical coating rehabilitation problems due to its 1) impermeable character to moisture and gases, 2) easy application, 3) failure-free application to any surface and 4) immediate adhesion to any material.
According to the Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC), Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute has recently conducted a project intended to produce impermeable coats via miniemulsion polymerization from water based nanocomposites containing nanoclays.
I think some sort of impermeable membrane is the solution and meanwhile the area needs to be checked regularly.
Our research has shown that in many cases, the impermeable cover is unnecessary and can be replaced by a shallow soil developed directly upon the sulphide-bearing tailings.
Water moves freely between intra-cellular and extra-cellular compartments in response to osmotic pressure gradients created by effective solutes (Na+, K+, and mannitol) that are impermeable to the cell membrane (1).
The OEHS soil studies showed that a gas-mitigation system, which includes an impermeable membrane beneath the buildings and a network of pipes that will vent any sub-surface gases, will need to be installed, she said.
Similarly, impermeable lining materials known as geomembranes can be laid down underneath the structure before it is built, so that the seepage of water through the ground cannot erode foundations.
One approach to coping with loss of methyl bromide as a soil fumigant in commercial strawberry and vegetable fields is to use a special plastic covering called a "virtually impermeable film," or VIF.
Plus, with the addition of barrier films and construction techniques, the material can be made impermeable to air if necessary.
In suburban areas where homes are built on one-third-acre lots, about 35 percent of the ground is impermeable to precipitation.
Indeed, most of the well-known pieces record a nearly successful transformation of flesh into gloss or shine, the near eclipse of flesh by shiny materials, the synthetic embrace of the body that closes it off from the possibilities of touch, the transformation, through muscle building, of the body itself into a formidable and impermeable surface.
In this study, the investigators reported that the impermeable covers significantly reduced dust mite allergen in the bedding, while the control covers did not.
EPDM has been used in impermeable environments, including municipal solid waste covers and other applications, for over 30 years worldwide.
This heavier, more impermeable structure forms a buffer zone between the activity of the restaurant and the tranquillity of the neighbouring villas.