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Synonyms for impermeability

the property of something that cannot be pervaded by a liquid

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The combination of impermeability of a containment liner, with the protection and durability of concrete helps reduce installation time by consolidating materials and simplifying logistics.
2011) also observed a 6% decrease of NDF proportion associated with the use of double sealing with high oxygen impermeability, when compared to the conventional sealing.
Two keenly-awaited functions will be added at this event, alongside the all-season moisture transfer, quick drying, UV protection, impermeability, waterproofing and breathability, windproofing, antistatic and thermal properties:
Fluorinated polymeric materials exhibit low surface energies, insulating properties, impermeability to gases, and high resistance to water, oils, chemicals, corrosion dirt pickups, UV radiation, chalking, etc.
Firstly, clay particles expand after absorbing water in fresh concrete and later shrink to leave voids in hardened concrete, which generates higher porosity and thus decreases strength and impermeability and, secondly, dehydrated clay particles will absorb water again in water-saturated environment, both of which result in a higher water absorption (WA, as seen in Table 4) and increase saturation degree of concrete.
Moreover, and interestingly GR itself exhibits excellent impermeability to oxygen gas [11].
Aluminum systems offers wide range of benefits such as lightweight, durability, corrosion resistant, electrical & thermal conductivity, ductility, impermeability, and can be recycled without loss of properties.
It tests the product designs in the field of cleaning, sterilization and bacteriological impermeability.
The two companies collaborated for the past two years to develop the Oenoseal line that includes: Oenoseal ONYX, with an aluminum layer to ensure maximum impermeability to oxygen and designed for delicate white wines and aromatic roses, with a liner that better protects sulfur-free wines; Oenoseal IVORY, which is meant for white, rose and red wines that require a low, but regular, supply of oxygen (nano-oxygenation); and Oenoseal CORAL, designed for white, rose and red wines that require a more significant supply of oxygen and enables the avoidance of reduction problems for wines with high tannin levels.
Despite its impermeability to all atoms and molecules, the slim carbon film known as graphene allows protons to pass through it, new experiments reveal.
In terms of water seepage in faults, the current researches are far from satisfactory, and the study of the impermeability of faults keeps at a preliminary stage.
Mechanical resistance, thermal, impermeability and sound tests have shown that these bricks outperformed other building materials in some important features (thermal and sound insulation and weather resistance, relative).
Lime can substantially increase the stability impermeability and load-bearing capacity of the subgrade soil (Rayes and Ahmed 1974).
Even if on the scene we are sometimes confronted by violence -- because the performances are rooted in politics -- at the same time there is gentleness, an impermeability to this environment, which is not stopping these artists from moving forward.