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Synonyms for imperishable

Synonyms for imperishable

not perishable



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Along these lines,you can reestablish imperishable eyes without the hurtful impacts of infusions or laser medications.
Our armed forces, law enforcing agencies and the people have written imperishable stories of sacrifices in this regard, he added.
Our armed forces, law-enforcing agencies, and people have written imperishable stories of sacrifices in this regard.
To be the father of growing daughters is to understand something of what Yeats evokes with his imperishable phrase 'terrible beauty.
We've been born into something new and become heirs of something imperishable that can't be defiled and won't fade.
Imperishable courage inspired every fighting man, but where was the victory?
If gold is imperishable, then friendship forged amidst cloth of gold was intended never to tarnish.
It was heart-warming to see so many volunteers working hard filling bags with imperishable food, blankets, gloves, flasks and much more.
Semi-Automatic Painting Machine takes place in a white cube stocked with flawless, generic, imperishable objects; even the hapless houseplant that gets sprayed first white then leaf-green looks synthetic.
These trendsetting conjectures, aimed at habituating the populace to any discoursepowered with conspiracy, signals the genesis of a disastrous national design the introduction of an imperishable cover of subjectivity, shielding ulterior agendas to perfection, rendering true justice in the system an absolute impossibility.
This melody is sung in praise of the all-pervading, imperishable, self-luminous lord, Ek Onkar who is the supreme master of the past, present and the future.
Believed to be an auspicious time to buy gold or gold jewellery, "Akshaya" is defined as imperishable or eternal, hence, the practice of buying valuables on this day is considered to bring prosperity and success.
The self is undying, eternal, indestructible and imperishable.
The Self cannot be proved since it is the basis of all proof and is established prior to all proof" The Self - the changeless and imperishable Reality - is spiritual; everything else is material - changing and perishable.
At the time the Unions of the USSR and the UK looked equally imperishable, so why not?