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Synonyms for imperiousness

the trait of being imperious and overbearing

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The self-confidence and the cunning, the imperiousness and the contacts, all that enabled the blond and blue-eyed of his generation to lead, to inspire, to command, if need be to oppress--he could not summon a hundredth part of it.
Or it can be revealed, suddenly, in the steely resolve of an apparently fragile character (Man of Conquest) or the imperiousness of a genteel one (Damsel in Distress, Gunga Din).
And I have added my voice, for what it is worth, whenever possible to the world community's outrage over the imperiousness of the empire and its casual trampling of basic rights and shared universal ideals and values over the years.
with reluctance" such that "exercise of the power may be characterised more by discretion than by imperiousness.
McCarthy goes on to present convincing evidence that these circumstances reinforced a certain imperiousness of manner that Barbauld absorbed from her own mother, and likely inherited as a behavioural trait, against which she struggled her whole life to balance compassion, tolerance, and patience (22-23).
The dragon, which symbolizes traits ranging from strength and self-assuredness to imperiousness and brashness, reigns from this January until Feb.
In the new Holmes adventure, A Game of Shadows, his imperiousness is hard to distinguish from boredom, and he seems to be in a hurry to spit out his lines, take his lumps, throw his punches and collect his paycheck.
By the combined dispositions of Morwen's imperiousness and brooding darkness and of Hurin's ferocity and short temper, Turin's personality seems almost genetically pre-established.
Shumaker's religiosity, moral imperiousness, and professional skill reflected the general attributes of the ASL officials who managed dry sentiment into effective legislation across the country.
And then you realise that Michael Praed is not Christopher Plummer whose natural imperiousness meant that after The Sound of Music he was a shoo-in for the Duke of Wellington in Dino De Laurentiis's epic Waterloo.
His imperiousness and self-assurance were epic (and well-documented in Caro's 1974, Pulitzer-Prize winning biography The Power Broker) and produced many awful and avoidable mistakes, the worst of which was the removal, in the name of slum clearance, of over half a million New Yorkers from their homes.
The inscrutability of many reviews--terse, often scornful and even caustic, not to mention grossly unprofessional--is therefore passed on like so much cheapened karma in the voice of the "blind reviewer" shilling for editorial imperiousness.