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Synonyms for imperiousness

the trait of being imperious and overbearing

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Victims of incivility, demanding "safe spaces" from opinions that offend them, manifest a passive-aggressive imperiousness when insisting that they're entitled to others' empathy.
In the meantime, the neighbouring municipalities attacked Vancouver for its imperiousness, fearing that it would continue to hold them hostage in matters concerning their water supply.
For though a supposition is "only" uncertain, it is nonetheless something that takes on the imperiousness of belief.
Yet the current [Obama] [Administrations imperiousness has earned little comparable attention.
Not merely return from the shadows, he did so with much of the rampant imperiousness of old.
The resulting GT, with its "pillarless" roof, brawny wheel arches and short overhangs, bears the imperiousness of a Bentley and the brashness of a carmaker that has no codified, calcified notions of what it is or who it serves.
Particularly offensive were some not so subtle, large photographic blown-ups depicting the subservience of the African peoples to the imperiousness of the foreigners.
This is M&C Saatchi's head- quarters on Golden Square -- all muscular imperiousness, best articulated by its aggres- sively confident entrance hall.
At one time, in what now seems like the very distant past, postmodern art's polyvocal authorship and multifocal viewership could be read as an implicit critique of modern art's imperiousness.
But, as Barthes famously demonstrated in "La critique Ni-Ni," the populist modesty of "nos Ni-Ni, toujours adeptes d'un univers bipartite dont ils seraient la divine transcendence," is not without its own imperiousness and ideological investments (Mythologies 785).
Bacon's Pope differs from Velazquez's in the howling head borrowed from an Eisenstein film, the ghoulish face stripped of calmness and imperiousness, the seat of power rapidly disintegrating into a cage, signs of violence and decadence visible through a semi-transparent curtain.
Motley replied with all the imperiousness of a minister and a successful historian admonishing Howells that "I should think that your going home from Venice to America without permission would be deemed grave dereliction of duty.
The self-confidence and the cunning, the imperiousness and the contacts, all that enabled the blond and blue-eyed of his generation to lead, to inspire, to command, if need be to oppress--he could not summon a hundredth part of it.
Or it can be revealed, suddenly, in the steely resolve of an apparently fragile character (Man of Conquest) or the imperiousness of a genteel one (Damsel in Distress, Gunga Din).
And for all their imperiousness and professional arrogance, they were essentially, according to Glazer, "form makers and image creators.