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exposure to possible harm, loss, or injury

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We have discussed here three main areas to consider when assessing the value of living collections for plant conservation: their conservation status in situ via a species rarity and imperilment assessment; how well they represent wild populations genetically; and the cost of management operations in maintaining a specimen.
To think of adolescent motive as no less mixed, fractally multiple, and irreducible than that of adults, while also unfolding within ecologies of temporality and self-relation that are appreciably different from adults'--to think of adolescents as in this way both like adults and unlike adults--may be to lessen a bit the strains of pity, condescension, mistrust, and self-exoneration that shadow adult responses to queer teen imperilment.
The association says that the additional comments of Minister Jankulovska are stubborn and represent imperilment of the multi-ethnicity.
Probably dozens of paths have led us here: the erosion of community throughout the nation; its replacement by a virtual community instead, where all of us tend to "speak" only to those who are like us; the yawning political divide between red and blue states (having been raised in the West, I can testify to its profoundly different culture and perspective from what one finds in the East); the growing righteousness and assertiveness of the fundamentalist branches of established religions, both qualities springing from a sense of imperilment; a consequent and similar (but so far relatively quiescent) sense of imperilment among "secularists.
After I've checked both my e-mail accounts and finished my second cup of coffee but before I've undressed for the shower, I want the day to be over with so that I can start drinking shochu without risking imperilment of the modest but steady income I receive each month.
258) Warning that such a policy "would lead to unthinkable confusion of principles and imperilment of the status and rights" of the women involved, (259) Justice Martin concluded that the law should recognize a polygamous husband's several marriages for the purposes of determining succession.
It remains a challenge, however, to impress upon natural resources managers that conservation interventions are needed due to a widespread lack of trend data demonstrating species imperilment.
This creates a precarious situation, for as Ruhl (2004) notes, " the principal driver behind the imperilment of species is the condition of the ecosystems upon which species depend for their survival".
homeland by "taking the battle to the enemy," others found it difficult to suppress their distinct impression that their own imperilment was a direct result only of their deployment abroad--the occupation itself.
will be needed to prompt collaboration prior to species imperilment and
Erol Rizaov from Utrinski vesnik criticizes journalists and politicians that in every way have been recently trying to justify the abuse of the police after the events with A1 TV and the imperilment over the freedom of press.
The ecology of the market, because of its deep dependence on spontaneous ordering and its imperilment in the face of constructed ordering, will be sustained more by increasing the stock of reputational and social capital (at both micro and macro levels) than by legal and regulatory intervention.
lutrensis, may be less susceptible to degradation of habitat and therefore imperilment (Vives, 1993).
What is unworthy of fair relation towards man should be criticized and problems concerning privileges in business operation that multinational companies have and misuse, problems of corruption and bribe, imperilment of national identity and sovereignty, respecting national legislative, etc.
Controlling for a broad spectrum of factors that potentially influence species imperilment, we find that increased intensity of recreational hunting/fishing activity is associated with a lower probability of a species being at risk.