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a decree issued by a sovereign ruler

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An imperial decree of 1864 created a new category of sworn advocates (prisiazhnyi poverennyi), who needed to have a university degree and undergo five years of apprenticeship with a lawyer or in the courts.
1905) Russia: Imperial decree closes all universities until further notice.
whose 501 articles appeared by Imperial decree, solidifying law as part of the consolidation of China from feuding kingdoms into a national empire.
A delegation consisting of Bishops Alypius and Peregrinus arrived at Ravenna, and in November 419 an imperial decree not only upheld the right of sanctuary but extended the limit of immunity from arrest to fifty yards (passus) all round a church, and permitted clergy to provide food for the refugees while they interceded with the authorities on their behalf.
Thirdly, the practice was perpetuated after an Imperial decree virtually banned it amongst serving officers in 1897 by the existence of a vast network of army reservists.
Wiseman whom Barton frequently footnotes) have for years judged, "the metaphor, the fantasy, the deliberate falsehood, the mundane, the truism, the literary topos" to be "as valuable as a report of Tacitus or an imperial decree," which Barton says is the hallmark of her own method.
1 is Article 368 from the T'ang Code, "Not Being Truthful in Replying to an Imperial Decree or in Sending up a Memorial to the Emperor.
IMPERIAL DECREE earned a trip to Ireland on August Bank Holiday weekend when getting off the mark in good style in the 7f maiden auction stakes.
Franny Norton, who completed a 208-1 double on Imperial Decree and Empire Dancer
The solution to the imperial decrees and pretended acts of legislation from the White House is simple: Congress must refuse to fund them.
Emboldened by this blessed assurance, Daniel's community can take courage to continue boldly in their active nonviolent resistance to the imperial decrees by continuing to teach the Torah even at the cost of martyrdom.
To confirm the message that the act symbolized, imperial decrees made the construction of oceangoing ships punishable by death.
But unlike many previous studies of this period, which are typically burdened with the dryness of purely political and institutional data, Hanioglu manages in each chapter, in discussing an era and its characteristics, to inject a new energy into this history by providing a more nuanced view of how the Ottoman ruling class and its Subjects experienced the consequences of international events, of Ottoman imperial decrees and attempts to impose centralization upon the provinces for example, or of innovations in science and the introduction of new forms of knowledge.
We will look briefly at the differences between imperial decrees issued in favour of Tibetan hierarchs and rulers during the Mongol-Yuan rule and the Ming dynasty.
50) Imperial decrees and Senate reports tell us that paved streets in the cities and planked, or fascine, inter-city roads were becoming the standard of the time.