imperforate hymen

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hymen that is completely closed so that menstrual blood cannot flow out

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The structure was interpreted to be the vagina and uterine stump and, based on results of physical exam, blood work, and CT, a hydrocolpos secondary to imperforate hymen was suspected.
77 Table 6: Causes of Menorrhagia Cause Number Percentage DUB 24 96 Coagulation disorders -- -- Hypothyroidism 1 4 Table 7: Etiology of Primary Amenorrhoea Etiology Number Percentage Imperforate hymen 1 33.
In defense of the first physician, it does look like an imperforate hymen," said Dr.
Among developmental abnormalities of the vagina, imperforate hymen is usually asymptomatic until a child reaches menarche, he said.
Congenital causes of hematometra formation are imperforate hymen and transverse vaginal septum.
Of the vaginal anomalies imperforate hymen was highest with an incidence of 36.
Frasier stressed that, except in cases of imperforate hymen, there is always an opening in the hymen, which is referred to as either the hymenal opening, or the hymenal diameter.
They report the case of a 14-year-old girl who did not know she had a partially imperforate hymen, which apparently led her to insert the tampon into the urethra.
Pregnancy success following surgical correction of imperforate hymen and complete transverse vaginal septum.