imperforate anus

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a congenital defect of the anus

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Keywords: Anorectal malformation, colostomy, imperforate anus, posterior sagittal anorectoplasty, rectovestibular fistula
1) The initial palliative surgery of an imperforate anus includes a colostomy to allow enteric contents to evacuate while an additional stoma is created for the distal colon.
At 4am the doctors came to tell us that they suspected that William had Down's syndrome, and he also had an imperforate anus and breathing problems.
Therefore, abnormal notochord formation may lead to wide range of anomalies involving upper GI tract, respiratory tract, abdominal viscera, vertebra, and spinal cord as seen in VACTERL association, OEIS (omphalocele, exstrophy, imperforate anus, and spinal deformities), and the Klippel-Feil syndrome [14].
On enquiry, he reported that he was a known case of imperforate anus at birth and was operated on the third day of life to create a permanent loop sigmoid colostomy in left iliac fossa.
The infant, who was born with imperforate anus in Purnia district, was left behind by his father at a private hospital in the state capital due to lack of any means to fund his treatment.
External Examination: Normal upper limbs, single lower limb, omphalocele, imperforate anus, external genitals absent, single umbilical artery in umbilical cord.
Some of his recent publications involve reducing the risk of osteoporotic fracture; changes in long luteal protocol in assisted reproductive technology practice; and creation of a neovagina by the Vecchietti procedure in a patient with corrected high imperforate anus.
There was fusion of both lower limbs, absence of external genitalia with imperforate anus (fig 1 and 2).
2,3 Other anomalies associated with sirenomelia sequence are bilateral renal agenesis, sacral agenesis, external and internal genital defects, imperforate anus and cardiac defects.
Hereditary syndrome of imperforate anus with hand, foot, and ear anomalies.
There is a 40% incidence of coexistant anatomical abnormalities: choledochocele, annular pancreas, double diverticula, intestinal malrotation, imperforate anus, Hirschsprung's disease, congenital heart diseases, omphalocele, hypoplastic kidneys, bladder exstrophy, situs inversus, Ladd's bands, portal vein anomalies, polysplenia and Down syndrome (6,7).