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the capability of becoming imperfect

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globalization); variety became nationalism; prudence became Kantian jurisprudence; imperfectibility became a religion of secular redemption; community became mobility; and restraint of power became lust for power, particularly control of the national agenda.
As evidenced by the practices in the Scarlet Empire described by Walker, complete equality is unattainable because of human imperfectibility and differences in ability.
In his vision, the very imperfectibility of human nature, the very humility that man must impose upon himself, made radical democracy an imperative.
The reconciliation of perfection and imperfectibility which might have saved Decoud from his cynicism is in "consolatory action" motivated by practical idealism, the paradox of disinterested fidelity to self.
Tolerance for dissenting points of view has not been their hallmark; nor has their vision of community been one respectful of the diversity and imperfectibility of humankind.
Reason: You always talk about the limitations of nature and you emphasize the imperfectibility of the world - you're anti-Rousseauian - but you do seem to be optimistic, to believe in some kind of progress.